5 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Landscape

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If you’re looking out your back window and see only varying shades of greens and browns, there’s a good chance your landscape is in need of a colorful makeover. No need to suffer through a drab outdoor living space – here are our best recommendations when you’re ready to pull a Dorothy and step into a world of color:

  1. Plan the Plants Purposefully

Before you take a trip to the nursery and just scatter plants all over the lawn, take a step back and seriously consider the design and aesthetics of your yard. A few optimal spots for flowers are along pathways, surrounding a patio and of course in gardens. It’s always best to have a distinct goal in mind before your shopping trip. Need help? Our team and landscape architect are experts when it comes to yard design.

  1. Get to Know the Flowers

Similar to adopting a pet, make sure you know how to care for the flowers you bring into your yard. Decide whether you want annuals or perennials to liven up the landscaping, and research the type of environment in which each flower thrives best. Petunias, irises, pansies and tulips are all safe bets for Colorado yards. Another great option? Large flower pots framing your front door or garage.

  1. Decide on Containers or Gardens…or BOTH!

Live on a luscious hunk of land with plenty of room for a garden or two? Great – go all out with flowers, shrubs, a trellis and gnomes. Don’t have the capacity for a full-blown garden? Not a problem, folks – flower pots, containers and hanging baskets all do the trick just fine.

  1. Go for Extended Color with Trees

When the flowers start to shut down for the fall, keep the landscape alive with a variety of foliage. Maples, aspens, cherries, dogwoods and more are all great Colorado trees that light up lawns with maroons, oranges and yellows for brilliant autumn outdoor scenery.

  1. Forget Living Color and Plant a Structure

Maybe you’ve tried time and time again to be the Martha Stewart of your neighborhood but can’t shake the reputation of Betty Brown-Thumb. Don’t forget that not all color comes in the form of flowers and trees. Dress your landscape up with brightly colored patio furniture, garden decorations, a yard statue or other fixtures that don’t require watering.

If all those ideas sound great but you just don’t have the time or energy to devote to a colorful landscape, never fear, All Terrain is here. Give us a call at 970-304-1183 and we’ll get your yard outfitted with the right plants, flowers and trees to make your outdoor living space pop!

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