The Best Materials for Your Colorado Outdoor Kitchen


Cabinets, countertops, decking, furniture…there are so many options to choose from. Here are the best finishes and materials for your Boulder, NoCo, and Fort Collins outdoor kitchen, furniture, decking, and hardscape space. Living in Colorado, you know we have a unique climate. Northern Colorado landscaping can be especially tricky because of how dry it is, […]

How to Care for Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen adds not only visual appeal to your space but square footage to the functional living space of your home as well! Whether you’re looking to give your outdoor kitchen some love or preparing to build a new Boulder outdoor kitchen, here are four tips to guide you on the proper care of […]

Residential Smart Controller

There are a lot of advantages to using a Smart Controller for your Boulder sprinkler system over a standard static controller on top of saving precious water. Water Savings The Smart Controller Sprinkler system run times will adjust on a daily basis to achieve maximum efficiency for “run days”. This does not add or take […]