6 Benefits of a Unique Hardscape

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For anyone out there who associates “hardscape” with “dreary concrete,” boy do we have some news for you. Listen up because we’re about to rock your world with the whole new concept of beautiful, artfully designed hardscapes. Here are just a few of the many benefits of installing a unique hardscape in your Colorado yard:

  1. Hardscapes Conserve Water

It’s easy math – the less grass you have, the less you need to run your sprinkler. On those hot Colorado days, keeping the lawn healthy can mean spending crazy amounts on your water bill. Fortunately, going green doesn’t mean you have to give up the green in your landscape – there are numerous plants and shrubs that don’t require much water to survive and thrive in Colorado.


  1. Hardscapes Add Contrast and Define Spaces

When All Terrain designs your hardscape, we take into account the overall style of your yard. Using purposefully crafted pavers, walkways, stepping stones and more, we can define different areas of your landscape to strategically fit specific needs. Plus, our design experts know how to make the whole scene fit together cohesively.


  1. Hardscapes Create Gathering Areas

Everyone loves a picnic but throwing a backyard bash sitting on the lawn just isn’t the same as enjoying the view from a patio area. If entertaining is anywhere on your summer priority list, a patio hardscape is a must. Top it off with a fire pit and custom pergola!


  1. Hardscapes Are Low Maintenance

If you’re a busy guy or gal (who isn’t?), you understand that mowing the lawn is time consuming and last on your to-do list. Hardscapes are an excellent low maintenance option that still provide the wonder and beauty that a landscape should that truly stand the test of time!


  1. Hardscapes Add Dimension

Forget the flat – modern landscape design requires multiple dimensions. Retaining walls and tiered pavers break up the outdoor living space and make it more visually appealing overall. Here are just a few other reasons why pavers are great for Colorado landscapes.


  1. Hardscapes Increase Property Value

It’s no secret that homebuyers want an outdoor living space that is visually appealing and provides spaces for entertaining. Hardscapes and unique patio designs accomplish this perfectly. Need some patio inspiration? Check out these patio design ideas.


Give us a shout today if a hardscape is what your landscape needs. Call us at 970-304-1183.


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