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What is Evapotranspiration?

What is Evapotranspiration and Why is it Important?

You may know us as your go-to landscaping guys, but just for this article, we’re going to put on another hat and be your go-to science guys. Today, we’d like to discuss a little-known concept that affects anyone with a yard, farm or anything in between: Evapotranspiration. Evapotranspiration, or ET as we’re going to call it, is a measure that lets you know just how much water it takes for your lawn to stay green (or how much to water your crops). Basically, if a very dry region requires half

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5 Ideas to Jazz Up Your Outdoor Space with Lights

A landscape with no lighting is like a Christmas tree with no decorations – nice and all but missing some serious bling. If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your external living space and add the “WOW factor,” check out these outdoor lighting ideas to incorporate into your landscape: Start with Practicality If you’re not sure where to begin your illumination journey, start with practical places that improve safety around your home. Lighting up entryways with a bulb here or there, and placing small light posts in dark

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7 Times to use artificial turf vs grass in your lawn

7 Times to Use Artificial Turf in Your Yard

It’s a gorgeous summer afternoon and you are headed to your friend’s annual BBQ. Upon arrival, you immediately notice how lovely their lawn looks. After a few minutes of marveling, your friend tells you two words that really resonate: “it’s fake”. In recent years, the use of artificial turf has gained recognition for being eco-friendly, sustainable, and visually appealing. As with most things, there are pros and cons to using artificial turf in your lawn. Despite your personal preferences towards artificial or real turf, there are certain times when using

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Habitat Heroes Project to Benefit Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope

Habitat Heroes Project – Murphy Center for Hope

All Terrain Participates in Habitat Heroes Project to Benefit Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope At All Terrain, you know we get excited about sprinklers and sod, flowers and fountains, patios and ponds – the list goes on. But what really makes us tick is giving back to our stellar northern Colorado community! We recently had the opportunity to participate in the Habitat Heroes Project, headed by a Leadership Fort Collins team and numerous generous local businesses. By embodying words like “teamwork” and “philanthropy,” several key players banded together

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wooden fence for privacy

6 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Yard

You love your neighbors, but there are a time and a place for neighborly interactions. Block BBQs and pool parties are a-okay for chumming it up with the couple next door, but you may want a bit more seclusion when unwinding from a long day at work. Here are just a few ways to add privacy to your yard: Strategize Your Choice of Plants & Trees Plants and trees are a must-have to brighten up any landscape. Why not kill two birds with one stone and choose plants that also

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3 Tips for Watering Your Grass in Colorado

We all know that Colorado weather can be a bit fickle, to say the least, as exhibited by our recent mid-May blizzard. Between the 100 degree days, sporadic snowflakes and occasional tornado warnings, it’s enough to leave any Coloradan staring out the window in bewilderment. While we can’t predict the weather for you, we can offer a few tips when it comes to watering your lawn this summer. Tip #1: Provide Your Lawn with Right Amount of Water You don’t need to go overboard to ensure that your grass gets

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