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wooden fence for privacy

6 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Yard

You love your neighbors, but there are a time and a place for neighborly interactions. Block BBQs and pool parties are a-okay for chumming it up with the couple next door, but you may want a bit more seclusion when unwinding from a long day at work. Here are just a few ways to add privacy to your yard: Strategize Your Choice of Plants & Trees Plants and trees are a must-have to brighten up any landscape. Why not kill two birds with one stone and choose plants that also

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3 Tips for Watering Your Grass in Colorado

We all know that Colorado weather can be a bit fickle, to say the least, as exhibited by our recent mid-May blizzard. Between the 100 degree days, sporadic snowflakes and occasional tornado warnings, it’s enough to leave any Coloradan staring out the window in bewilderment. While we can’t predict the weather for you, we can offer a few tips when it comes to watering your lawn this summer. Tip #1: Provide Your Lawn with Right Amount of Water You don’t need to go overboard to ensure that your grass gets

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Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

  As much as you dread mowing the lawn, your lawn mower has it worse. At about this point in the summer, your lawn mower has come in contact with a boatload of grass, rough weather and other elements that are continually diminishing its productivity. Check out these tips to make sure your lawn mower is in topnotch condition: Sharpen Its BladeIf you’re feeling really confident in your mower maintenance skills, you can try sharpening your mower blade on your own using a metal file, but we’d recommend having a

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How to Install and Care for Sod

How to Install and Care for Sod

  With Earth Day in our rearview and Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s safe to say that we have landed smack dab in the middle of sodding season. If you just moved into your dream home or your lawn could use a little TLC, then sod might just be the answer. Here are our do’s, don’ts and how-tos of sodding like a pro. Get the Ground Ready for Sodding Installing sod is a little more complicated than one might think – the surface needs to be smooth and

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5 Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Commercial Building

In the world of landscaping, we like to use a little adage that goes something like “a business is only as inviting as the curb outside.” In other words, without eye-catching elements and impeccable landscaping outside your building, passersby won’t be enticed to stop in. Need a little help dressing up your office’s exterior? Here are a few ways to increase the curb appeal of your commercial building: Create a welcoming outside seating area. Nothing says “we like our guests” better than a pleasant place where they can take a

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green grass

7 Steps to a Greener Lawn All Season

At times, it can feel like a luscious green lawn is nothing more than a pipe dream found on the cover of a Better Home and Garden magazine. Chin up, friends, because this is the year that your backyard will join the ranks of your neighborhood’s landscaping elitists! Follow these seven steps so that you can enjoy a greener lawn all season long: Fertilize Once in the Spring (like right now!) Fertilizing is a tricky game that takes proper precision and astute attentiveness. We recommend fertilizing three times during the

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