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5 Patio Design Ideas (That’ll Make Your Neighbors Jealous)

When you look out your back window, do you smile peacefully or do you cringe at the depressing concrete slab that resembles more of a ghetto alleyway than a suburban backyard? If you’re smiling, awesome. If you’re cringing, we can help – All Terrain can renovate a hardscape however you’d like. Here are some nifty patio designs for you to “ooh and ahh” at to get the juices flowing. Don’t Be Square We all get tired of neat corners and straight edges every now and then. Let down your hair and

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4 Common Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

That grass sure can’t rely solely on Mother Nature to survive. You know it as well as we do that if your lawn has any hope of staying green until at least mid-August, it needs a bit of help from a trusty sprinkler system. Take good care of your sprinkler – if that goes down, the whole show collapses. Here are a handful of warning signs that your sprinkler system may be in need of a checkup and a little repair: Loss of Pressure Just like in your parents’ guest shower,

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5 Things You Need to Know About Installing Sod

While everyone else is making goals for the summer along the lines of water parks and road trips, we’re over here making our own goals for our favorite season. Top of the list? To get your lawn as healthy and green as possible. If you’re planning on installing sod this season, here’s everything you should know: Time It Out Late summer and early fall is usually the best time to roll out the green carpet, but honestly, sod can be installed at nearly any time. Spring is another great time

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Spring Yard Projects to Use Your Tax Return On

Everyone knows the age-old adage: Two things you have to do in life are die and pay taxes. We believe, however, that the original phrase goes: Three things you have to do in life are die, pay taxes, and find something fun to do with the tax return in between. With barbecuing, Frisbee playing, and flip-flop wearing right around the corner, you might want to consider spoiling your yard when you get this year’s tax refund. Here are our recommendations for spring projects: Install a fire pit.What an excellent way to

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Go-To Guide for Overseeding Your Lawn

We all dream of that luscious, green blanket of grass that’s thicker than a shampoo model’s hair. If those dreams have been shattered by the disappointing and embarrassing reality of a dead and sparse lawn, we’re here to help. Spring is the prime time for overseeding, so we thought we’d share some wisdom to get your lawn back on track: 1. Choose the right seed Because no two lawns are the same, there are a plethora of seed options to refill bare patches of grass. Be sure to read every

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5 Tips to Be a Pro Gardener This Spring

We know how it goes – you dream of a “Better Homes and Gardens”-worthy garden, but more often than not, it turns into nothing more than a pile of dirt and some bunny droppings. Keep your chin up because this year is going to be different. Follow these foolproof tips to garden like a pro this season: 1. Buddy Up Like the rest of us, plants don’t like to be lonely. Arranging your garden items in close proximity to one another reduces moisture loss and promotes fungal diversity. All of

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