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winterize sprinklers

Is it REALLY Necessary to Winterize or Blowout My sprinkler system?

We’ve heard it time and time again: I didn’t blow out my sprinkler system last year and I didn’t have a problem. Or, I’ve been doing it this way for years in order to save sprinkler blowout costs. Or, I have an auto-drain sprinkler system. Well, it’s time to take off your stubborn hat and let us explain why it’s a good idea to have your sprinkler professionally blown out for the winter. After all, your sprinkler system is the longest lasting appliance in your house. Take a little care

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Tailgate Preparation Checklist!

Our favorite season is officially upon us! Nope, not fall – football season. For anyone else whose ideal Saturday involves a few hours spent at a college stadium (GO RAMS…or GO BEARS…or insert your favorite team to make this post most applicable), it’s time to listen up. We’ve got all the tricks and tips to make your tailgate the best in town. The Preparation Attire – You should really have a jersey or t-shirt that clearly represents your team. If you can’t find something that at least has their colors,

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5 Best Fall Events in Northern Colorado

Once those leaves start falling and the cool air starts blowing, there’s no stopping us from having the best fall Colorado can offer! For anyone else who wants to hit every festival, corn maze and Halloween event in the northern Colorado region, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite festivals and places of the season: 1. Gulley Greenhouse Harvest Celebration From September 30 – October 31, people can enjoy numerous fall activities at Gulley Greenhouse including a kid’s mummy wrap contest, a hay bale maze, pumpkin carving and delicious

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4 Fall Cleanup Hacks

Yes, we know that the end of summer is something that gets everyone a little teary-eyed, but after we’re all done with wailing a hearty “Where did the time go??” it’s time to start thinking about what’s next for your lawn. Here are our best suggestions for cleaning up your outdoor space before winter hits. 1. Cover Pots Those big clay pots sitting by your front porch are about to enter danger season if not cared for properly. When the soil inside freezes and expands, the clay won’t be able

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Fertilization Schedule For a Perfect Lawn

At times it feels like your lawn is a high-maintenance significant other that you’re tempted to have the “it’s not you, it’s me” chat with. Yes, a lovely lawn does require some time and energy, but in the end it’s worth it. To keep your lawn happy, make plans to follow an effective fertilization schedule. Here is what we recommend: Spring The first time that you should fertilize during the year is in the April to May timeframe. Be cautious when fertilizing in spring, though, because too much nitrogen from

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How to Get Rid of Weeds…For Good

Montagues versus Capulets. Hatfields versus McCoys. Nicki versus Mariah. Every time you hear about these famous feuds, you wonder why “Me versus The Weeds” hasn’t made its way into a classic novel or mainstream media. No matter what measures you take to rid your landscape of those pesky weeds, that once-perfect mulch bed still becomes a small jungle of thistles, dandelions and who knows what else. Sure, you can spend hours on your hands and knees in the sweltering summer sun yanking them out, but this is more of a

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