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Grow Your Own Wheat Grass | DIY Project

Have we got a fun – not to mention super easy – planting project to share with you! First off, we’d just like to say that if you happen to be a gardening whiz, congratulations and we applaud you heavily. However, if you consider yourself to be the polar opposite of the “green thumb club,” we’ve got some good news. Growing wheat grass is an incredibly fast, inexpensive and virtually foolproof project that you can complete within days. Here’s how it’s done. What You Need and Where to Get It:

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What is Ascochyta Leaf Blight of Turf?

Just like people, your lawn gets sick every now and then. What would be a summer flu to humans is Ascochyta leaf blight to grass. Because you can’t very well uproot your lawn and take it in to its family physician, we’re going to strap on the stethoscope and be the landscaping doctors for a few minutes. This is what we can tell you about Ascochyta and what you can do about it: Typical Patients Ascochyta affects Kentucky bluegrass and sometimes tall rescue and perennial ryegrass during the summer. The

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3 Easy and Affordable Steps to Fix Dead Grass Spots

It’s usually around this time in the summer that the luscious, green grass of May has transformed into a not-so-luscious, only somewhat green ghost of its prime. You’re not alone if you silently groan looking at the dead grass spots littering your lawn. Fortunately, we have three easy steps to fix those dry patches and return your lawn to its natural beauty: 1. Rake It Using a rake, gather up the thatch, or dead grass. Thatch often layers so thick that it creates a barrier that blocks new grass from

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Landscaping Myth: Does female dog urine kill your lawn?

Most of the time, having a happy lawn and a happy dog are two goals that can be accomplished simultaneously. But when you hear that female dog urine is more deadly to grass than male urine, your eyes bug out, you consider inventing doggie diapers, and your pooch stares at you wondering if you’ve officially lost it. Park the panic for a moment while we look into whether that rumor is even true. First off, give your female dog a break: her urine is no more destructive than her brother’s.

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6 Incredibly Easy but Super Effective Curb Appeal Boosters

You’ve heard the expression “presentation is everything.” While you may often hear it applied to personal attire or serving a nice dinner, the adage rings just as true for the outside of your home. Now we know you all are classy folks, so here’s a few tips to make sure passers-by come to that conclusion too.   Improve Light Fixtures It’s easy to take an “Eh, it functions, doesn’t it?” approach when it comes to light fixtures, but the truth is that the light fixtures on the front of your

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Huge 4th of July Giveaway

What better way to celebrate our country’s independence than with family and friends all while soaking in the sunshine and grilling? We couldn’t think of much. To show our appreciation for you as customers, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Outpost Sunsport and Gulley Greenhouse to offer this giant giveaway valued at $600! Here’s what we’re giving away: Grilling Package from Omaha Steaks donated by All Terrain Landscaping  (6 bacon wrapped sirloins, 8 steak burgers, 8 jumbo franks and 8 stuffed baked potatoes) Patio Umbrella donated by Outpost Sunsport  TWO red, white, and blue flower

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