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Custom Pergola

Why You Should Consider A Custom Pergola in Colorado

We get accused of throwing shade a lot, but it’s not what you think. We’re all about the shade that comes from pergolas. Look—your space is unique, and while you might already see some pergolas making their way into your local home improvement centers, we highly recommend going with a custom pergola. Read on to see why. Custom Pergolas Increase Energy Efficiency If you have a south- or east-facing patio, you know what that afternoon and evening sun can make you feel like you’re frying. Did you know that your

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How to Care for Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen adds not only visual appeal to your space but square footage to the functional living space of your home as well! Whether you’re looking to give your outdoor kitchen some love or preparing to build a new Boulder outdoor kitchen, here are four tips to guide you on the proper care of your outdoor kitchen. #1 Stainless-Steel Outdoor Kitchens By far the most popular material used for building outdoor kitchens in Boulder, stainless steel, is a very durable material that is resistant to rust and corrosion. That

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Residential Smart Controller

There are a lot of advantages to using a Smart Controller for your Boulder sprinkler system over a standard static controller on top of saving precious water. Water Savings The Smart Controller Sprinkler system run times will adjust on a daily basis to achieve maximum efficiency for “run days”. This does not add or take away “run days” if your yard needs watering, it only adjusts what is programmed. The result is a water savings of about 15-25% over standard static non-adjusting controllers. How does the system know when to

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Outdoor Kitchen

5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Yards Large & Small

Outdoor living spaces, particularly kitchens, are becoming increasingly popular among Americans as seen in the increase in the value of homes with these outdoor features. While adding monetary value to your home is a great reason to add an outdoor kitchen area, the main value of an outdoor kitchen comes from its entertainment and functional value. Outdoor kitchens serve as a place where friends and family can gather and enjoy being outside. Whether you have acres of space or a small urban patio, here are five outdoor kitchen ideas we

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Pergola with custom fire pit

All Terrain’s Best of the Best: Favorite Custom Firepits

Even in the heart of winter, enjoying a Colorado night on the patio is more than just on special occasion’s, it’s a part of your lifestyle. Whether you’re wanting to entertain guests late into the night or are looking to enjoy some fresh, Colorado air, a fire feature is the perfect way to do so. In addition to providing warmth, fire features invite guests to gather around, relax, and enjoy the ambiance provided by the flickering flames. Fire pits are one of our most requested winter projects, understandably. Who doesn’t

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7 Outdoor Entertaining Spaces & Features You’ll Crave

Outdoor features are popular among home buyers or renters, and homeowners because of their seamless blending of charm and functionality. As winter wraps up and you begin daydreaming about jazzing up your outdoor space, here are 7 crowd pleasing features to keep in mind: 1. Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace One of the most popular outdoor features is a fire pit. At its most basic level, a fire pit provides warmth to a chilly night or frosty day. Beyond that, fire pits bring people together. The low warm lighting creates

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