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Father’s Day Gift Guide

He’s one of the hardest guys to buy for, yet after years of advice giving, joke making, and encouragement providing, your dad deserves something truly spectacular this Father’s Day. Here are our gift recommendations to get your gift-giving creative juices flowing: Variety of Yard Work Tools Fact: Dads hate shopping, which is why most of their lawn maintenance tools look like they came from a different century. Whether it’s his shovel, rake, hoe or pruning shears, chances are good that it could use an upgrade. Mosquito-Free Summer What’s better than

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6 Questions to Ask Your Landscape Professional

Placing your lawn in the hands of a landscape professional can be a lot like turning your kids loose to a babysitter: you want to know everything about them from blood type to social security number, letting go can give you a panic attack, and yet you’re hoping they return what’s yours in better condition than you left it. Don’t worry, we completely understand, which is why we’ve created this checklist to make sure your landscape professional treats your lawn with the affection it deserves. 1. Are they insured? You

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Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler | Series 2

On to part two of troubleshooting your sprinkler! Nothing’s worse than when a sprinkler zone won’t turn off or on. Try these steps to get your system back up and functioning. Problem: A Zone Won’t Shut Off Reason: The valve is stuck. Fix It: 1. Locate the valve by opening your controller and locating the zone and the corresponding colored wire. 2. Then, locate your valve box and find the valve with the same color wired attached to it. 3. Disassemble the valve. Look to see if there is any

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5 Low Maintenance Trees For Colorado Yards

Everyone loves trees. You made a house out of them as a kid, you relax in the shade of their leafy branches, and there are at least a few thousand poems and children’s books devoted to them. Choosing the perfect trees for your landscape can make or break the entire ambiance of your yard, which is why we’re here to point you in the right direction and help you find trees that thrive naturally in Colorado. 1. Plum Tree For most plum trees to bloom there needs to be a

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Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler | Series 1

If your landscaping elements were a family summer barbecue, the sprinkler system would be the nutty uncle: mostly lovable, sometimes frustrating, and a little unpredictable in its behavior. Although they often operate seamlessly, sprinklers can glitch out from time to time. Here is our advice on troubleshooting some common sprinkler problems: Problem: Low Pressure Reason: There may be a break in the line or a valve is not completely open. Fix It: Fire the zone and walk around the general area. If there is a break, water will begin to

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5 Plants That Are Dangerous to Pets

You see them frolicking about in the backyard – so confident, so carefree, so full of the energy you’d kill to have. Tongues hanging out and wild look in its eye, your dog, cat, chimpanzee, etc. is ready for anything, except maybe the plants in your garden or along your fence. Beware of these seemingly harmless plants because they can actually be toxic to dogs and cats: Dahlia These colorful beauties aren’t fatal, but they can still make your pet ill if ingested. Signs include mild gastrointestinal problems and mild

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