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Mother’s Day Landscape Gift Ideas

She kissed your bruises when you were a kid, she had your back when you were a teenager, and she still reminds you to wear sunscreen every single day of summer even though you’re an adult. Her chocolate chip cookies can’t be matched, and neither can her unconditional love. In fact, it’s downright unspeakable that there is only one designated day of the year to pay tribute to moms all over. We know there is no possible way to pay her back for everything she’s done for you, but here

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Green Up Your Yard Faster Than Your Neighbor

You know what it’s like. The disapproving glances from next door, the pity smiles from up the cul-de-sac, and the snide “Your water bill must be next to nothing” from across the street. For people bearing the friendly title of “neighbors,” they sure can be judgmental about your lawn. Suffer in humiliation no longer – we’ve got your back. Follow these easy pointers to green up your yard, and never again will you have to face the contempt that comes with a brown lawn. Mowing Schedule + Perfect Amount to

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5 Ways to Go Green With Your Landscaping

When you hear the phrase “go green,” you may think of that particularly hilarious Modern Family episode where Jesse Eisenberg guest stars as the environmentally-obsessed neighbor. He states that his car runs on reclaimed cooking oil, he hasn’t printed anything since 2004, his entire house is solar-powered, and he sells energy back to the grid so he can use that money to save polar bears. If you feel overwhelmed just reading that, take a deep breath because being a friend to the environment does not have to be that intense.

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5 Plants that Provide Privacy Along a Fence

If your home is your castle, then your yard is your palace courtyard. And what is one thing that every palace courtyard needs (besides the obvious marble fountains and royal servants)? Privacy! Before you run out to get thousands of cinderblocks for a 10-foot retaining wall, though, you should know that there is a simpler – not to mention more aesthetically pleasing – way to add a bit of privacy to your yard. Check out these five plants that give you the seclusion you need: Various Tall Ornamental Grasses There

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6 Hardy Spring Plants

The snow is melting, the temperature is rising, and you have spring fever. The only problem? Your landscaping still looks as drab and desolate as winter. Don’t worry if your yard has yet to join in on the spring season. All it needs is a little color to bring it to life. And what better way to add color than to plant some of these favorite spring flowers: Primrose Good news for Coloradans facing unpredictable weather! Primrose is hardy and adaptable, making it easy to maintain. This spring flower comes

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7 Spring Cleanup Tasks

Ahh, spring cleaning, something you either dread or enjoy. Regardless, outdoor spring cleanup tasks are vital for a healthy yard and will help prep your landscape for summer. March, especially in Colorado, is notoriously unpredictable. Shrubs can be covered with snow and ice one day and a couple of days later (or overnight) temperatures can sway and it’s warm enough for flowers and leaf buds to make their appearance. Because the Colorado spring is so tumultuous it is critical that plants are pruned using best practices for the plant or shrub health.

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