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Privacy Trees In Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado’s Best Trees for Privacy…That Grow Fast!

It doesn’t matter how much you love your neighbors—privacy is a must in your backyard! This is your space to live, play, and relax, and the last thing you want is everyone all up in your business. One of the best ways to create privacy is with trees. In this article, we’re going to look at some of Northern Colorado’s best trees for privacy. Trees are an amazing buffer to the environment around you so you can have a quiet, private oasis. At All Terrain Landscaping, we know just what

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outdoor kitchen design sample

Things To Consider for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Real talk: you need an outdoor kitchen in your Northern Colorado back yard, and here’s why.   Over the years, we’ve seen outdoor kitchen designs play a significant role in increasing home value and improving home-owner health. And when you have an awesome outdoor kitchen to grill and chill whenever you want, whether your home is in Boulder, Fort Collins, or Greeley, your Northern Colorado property will be worth more. As an added bonus, the time you spend outdoors will actually be good for you! Let’s unpack some high-level design

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Custom Pergola

Why You Should Consider A Custom Pergola in Colorado

We get accused of throwing shade a lot, but it’s not what you think. We’re all about the shade that comes from pergolas. Look—your space is unique, and while you might already see some pergolas making their way into your local home improvement centers, we highly recommend going with a custom pergola. Read on to see why. Custom Pergolas Increase Energy Efficiency If you have a south- or east-facing patio, you know what that afternoon and evening sun can make you feel like you’re frying. Did you know that your

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Pergola with custom fire pit

All Terrain’s Best of the Best: Favorite Custom Firepits

Even in the heart of winter, enjoying a Colorado night on the patio is more than just on special occasion’s, it’s a part of your lifestyle. Whether you’re wanting to entertain guests late into the night or are looking to enjoy some fresh, Colorado air, a fire feature is the perfect way to do so. In addition to providing warmth, fire features invite guests to gather around, relax, and enjoy the ambiance provided by the flickering flames. Fire pits are one of our most requested winter projects, understandably. Who doesn’t

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winter hacks for snowy day

15 Winter Life Hacks to Help You Survive the Cold Weather

So…how are those subzero temperature days treating you? If you’re just shivering your way through winter until the sun shines again, we might be able to help. Here are 15 winter life hacks to help you survive the cold weather: If the snow is light and fluffy, use a push broom to clear it from the sidewalk rather than a snow shovel. This will save your lower back from an unnecessary strain. But, of course, if using a snow shovel is unavoidable, spray the shovel with cooking spray to keep

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Christmas lighting on house

5 Christmas Lighting Design Ideas

Now we love the holiday season and so do you, but it can sure be stressful—especially the Christmas lighting. As if trying to coordinate dinner plans with relatives who aren’t on speaking terms isn’t taxing enough, you then have to spend a full Saturday untangling the world’s most knotted string of lights only to nearly fall off a ladder and then find that half the bulbs are dead. Not anymore friends! All Terrain has your back on installing the best-of-the-best holiday and Christmas lighting with our residential and commercial services.

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