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6 Pet-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

When you see your playful pup happily frolicking about the backyard, you know they’re thinking one thing and one thing only: The world is my kingdom and this yard is my palace. Rather than burst their furry bubble, we have a few tips to make that dream come true. Here are our best ideas for adding pet-friendly elements to your landscaping: 1. Find Plants and Flowers That are Nontoxic for Pets Of course, no one wants their dog chomping down on their beautifully grown plants and flowers, but we all

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6 Benefits of a Unique Hardscape

For anyone out there who associates “hardscape” with “dreary concrete,” boy do we have some news for you. Listen up because we’re about to rock your world with the whole new concept of beautiful, artfully designed hardscapes. Here are just a few of the many benefits of installing a unique hardscape in your Colorado yard: Hardscapes Conserve Water It’s easy math – the less grass you have, the less you need to run your sprinkler. On those hot Colorado days, keeping the lawn healthy can mean spending crazy amounts on

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5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Hardwood Deck

Summertime is outdoor time, and we’re firm believers that July evenings should be spent on the deck, watching the sunset, with a glass of wine in hand. If you’re with us, you may be wondering how you can make that picturesque scene even better. Don’t worry, friends, your trusted northern Colorado residential landscaping company has a few solid ideas on how to jazz up your hardwood deck space. Outdoor Lighting With all the countless options for outdoor lighting, this idea is as broad as it is fantastic. Stringing outdoor lights

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Custom Pergola

Types of Materials Perfect for Pergolas

At All Terrain, our main goal is that you stop seeing your backyard as a backyard – we want your outdoor living space to be your own personal haven, an oasis where you can relax, entertain and make memories all year round. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish this, but today we’re zeroing in on pergolas. Pergolas serve many purposes and add value to your landscape. We have quite a few options for pergola materials – let’s delve into our main repertoire: Rough-Sawn Cedar Pergola Aromatic, authentic and

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8 NoCo Summer Events You Don’t Want to Miss

You finally made it through the May blizzards, and we mean it when we say it’s time to celebrate. Fortunately, northern Colorado has no shortage of summer events with brews, bands, bites and just about everything in between. So let’s give a big hoorah for summer festivals – here are just a few Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland area events to put on your calendar: Greeley Stampede June 26-July 7 Island Grove Park, Greeley Giddyup cowboys and cowgirls! NoCo’s favorite rodeo is coming to town. With concerts from REO Speedwagon,

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7 Landscaping Items on Dad’s Wishlist

We know what you’re thinking – you just finished planting flowers for Mother’s Day and it’s already time to talk Father’s Day?? That’s right. This year, we are NOT letting Dad get brushed aside just because June 16 snuck up on you. We’re helping you rock the Father’s Day game this year by planning ahead with these fantastic landscaping-themed gift ideas. And away we roll: Robotic Mower Hold up – did someone say there’s a lawnmower that operates itself, or were we dreaming? Meet the landscaping version of a Roomba.

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