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Winter Watering for your Colorado Landscape: The Should’s, Would’s, What’s, When’s & Why’s

Contrary to popular belief, watering your landscape in the winter is still crucial to the overall life and health of your property. Keeping up with a regular watering schedule during our harsh Colorado winter will help ensure the lasting life of your landscape through freezes, winds, and all of the other unexpected weather that November-April throws our way.   Why water your landscape in the winter? Although the majority of your outdoor landscape will go dormant during the winter, dormancy doesn’t mean dead- they still have some basic, metabolic functions

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5 Fall Events in Northern Colorado

Is there really any better place to be in fall than Colorado? We’ll answer for you- no. As if the leaf colors aren’t enough to keep us happy, the festive events really just make it one of the best times of the year. Don’t miss out on a single event this fall! Read up on our list of northern Colorado events that you cannot miss. Clear your calendar for: Trick or Treat Street- Downtown Greeley When: Friday, October 26 from 4-6pm Where: Downtown Greeley Downtown Greeley is ready to get

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Landscaping League: Our Fall Fantasy Football Draft Picks

Fall cleanups, sprinkler blowouts and leaves changing can only mean one thing- it’s Fantasy Football season. Now, much like the trending sporting tradition, we too have our draft picks for the top landscaping tools and products that you need on your fall cleanup league this year. First and foremost, your league needs a quarterback landscaper. Say, All Terrain Landscaping. You’re going to want a team leader when it comes to fall landscaping projects. You need someone who knows the who, what, when, where, whys of planting new vegetation, project planning

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Landscaping Hacks: 7 Tips & Tricks to Save You Time

Deciding to start a new project or maintaining an old one always comes with a few roses and thorns. When it comes to smaller landscaping projects or maintenance, there are few tricks to the trade that every homeowner should know. For seamless, late summer projects, follow these easy steps to save you a headache when working on an oasis: That heavy-duty tarp is worth it Do yourself a favor and invest in a tarp. Whether you’re moving leaves, weeds, soil or small rocks, you’re able to do so much more

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Light Up Your Landscape Design

Outdoor lighting is something a lot of homeowners don’t think about when they’re planning their landscape design. How do you create a backyard that’s light years ahead of others? One way is to add landscape lighting that will give you a high-end look to your home and make it safer too. Since many people work or play till long after the sun goes down in Colorado, they often don’t have time to enjoy their backyard until the evening hours. Add outdoor lighting, and your patio is immediately transformed into usable space

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Adding Veggies to Your Landscape

Have you ever wanted to grow your own kale, prepare your favorite home cooked meal with fresh herbs or even pick your own berries in the comfort of your own backyard? If so, you’re in luck – because you can’t get produce like this in the grocery store. You don’t even have to sacrifice your neatly maintained landscaping to grow your own garden. Adding fruits and vegetables to your yard appeals to all five senses and your healthy lifestyle. So, let’s spice up your landscaping decor with some tasty options

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