9 of the Most Popular Colorado Landscape Additions

boulder rocks in landscape design

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You could say that Coloradans have their own unique culture – the state is full of beer drinking, bike riding, jeans sporting, trail hiking and overall friendly folks. 

From our perspective, Colorado landscaping has its own culture as well. Here are a few popular Colorado landscaping ideas and inspiration for additions that we often see in yards: 

(Pay attention because these could be great additions to your yard as well!)

1. Breeze Path

If you’re not familiar with a breeze path, it’s basically like mixing a country dirt road with a chic landscape design. Using finely crushed stones called breeze, you can build walkways that are functional and fashionable. 

The small, pebble-like texture packs together tightly while leaving room for moisture and water to seep underground. This ensures that the material stays put, regardless of Colorado’s unpredictable weather. 

Breeze comes in a variety of colors, so you have room to play around with design. These gravel, sand, or dirt paths make for a lovely yet casual addition to your outdoor space.

2. Boulder Rocks

Coloradans are sure proud of their mountain home…so proud, in fact, that leaving the boulders on the trails just won’t do. Maybe you didn’t include boulder rocks in your list of top Colorado landscaping ideas, but it’s definitely a fan-favorite. 

When we refer to boulders, we’re referring to rocks with a minimum of 16” diameter – these aren’t your average throwing stones. 

These larger rocks add to a design by framing pathways, greenery, sitting areas, or more. Depending on your landscaping design, you can use smooth or angular rock-types. Smooth rocks are generally more rounded, while angular rocks have sharp edges and corners that stick out. 

Once you have a good idea how you want to use your boulders, you can decide which style suits your space. Between the two, there are a ton of colors to choose from, so you can generally find one that matches your current design.

At the end of the day, boulder rocks are simple, interesting, and classic additions to spruce up the space. Not only do they look good, but they can be multi-purpose, too. Add a few giant boulder rocks throughout your landscaping for extra seating.

3. Ornamental Grass Plants

Ornamental grass plants thrive spectacularly in our Colorado climate. Plus, they grow large enough to provide privacy and create movement in your backyard. 

Many of these plants produce wispy stalks and blades that sway in the breeze, adding beautiful texture to any space. And the good news? You seriously can’t go wrong with your choice of plant. 

There are tons and tons to choose from, and Better Homes and Gardens barely scratched the surface with this blog post outlining the top 21 ornamental grasses. If you’re looking for splash of greenery, this might become your favorite Colorado landscaping idea.

4. Low Maintenance Trees

If your Colorado lawn is completely treeless, you may need to reevaluate some life choices. For all our outdoor loungers, trees can be a great source of shade during the warmer months. But if you’re more concerned about privacy, the right tree can provide some coverage, as well.  

Check out our roundup of low maintenance trees to see which one would work well in your landscaping.

5. Hardscaping

You never know if Colorado summers will feature a few torrential downpours a week or slip into drought mode for three months at a time. Since it’s often the latter, hardscaping has become a water-saving approach that also adds some extra flair to your landscape design.

Hardscape designs can refer to a variety of features. Decks, stairs, patios, pavers, and more fall into this outdoor design category, and each one offers its own charm. 

Because there are so many options, the opportunities are limitless. Add a romantic stone path along the side of your home, build a deck to host parties, create a fenced in garden area. Hardscapes can help you get there! 

Not only do hardscapes encompass some of the most versatile Colorado landscaping ideas, but they are incredibly useful, too. Hardscapes allow you to save money on watering costs without sacrificing the appearance and ambiance of a great yard.

6. Outdoor Gazebos and Seating Areas

Nothing quite compares to a peaceful Colorado evening, relaxing in your backyard and drinking in the mountain sunset view. Naturally, gazebos and expanded seating areas have become popular aspects of Colorado landscapes. 

With the addition of outdoor fire pits, fireplaces, and entertainment centers, these seating areas can serve several purposes. Whether you want to enjoy the outdoors alone or host a gathering of friends and family, your options are open. 

You might also consider installing a deck covering (like a pergola or pavilion) and outdoor heaters for extended use.

7. Tiered Walkways and Stairs

We all know the Colorado terrain is a bit on the curvy side. Rather than fight the bumps and ridges, welcome them into your landscaping by turning them into decorative stone and brick steps.

Of all the Colorado landscaping ideas listed here, this one might win for ‘most practical.’ 

Having a clear path when your ground is anything but level can increase outdoor safety for you and your guests, all while looking good. 

Stairs and walkways can elevate the design and improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space. 

8. Wildflower Gardens

Colorado is home to more wildflowers than you can shake a stick at. Add some color to your landscaping by filling your garden space with a few different types of these beauties.

Come spring and summer, you’ll enjoy the pops of color and the pleasant aromas that sprinkle your yard. 

Need help incorporating any of these Colorado landscaping ideas? Get in touch with our trusted team at All Terrain Landscaping to get started today.

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