9 of the Most Popular Colorado Landscape Additions

boulder rocks in landscape design

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You could say that Coloradans have their own unique culture – the state is full of craft beer drinking, bike riding, jeans sporting, trail hiking and overall friendly folks. From our perspective, Colorado landscaping has its own culture as well. Here are a few popular landscaping additions that we often see in Colorado yards and could be great additions to your yard as well:

  1. Breeze Path

If you’re not familiar with a breeze path, it’s basically like mixing a country dirt road with a chic landscape design. These gravel, sand or dirt paths make for a lovely yet casual addition to your outdoor space.

Breeze pathways landscape

  1. Boulder Rocks

Coloradans are sure proud of their mountain home, so proud, in fact, that leaving the boulders on the trails just won’t do. Plop a few giant boulder rocks throughout your landscaping for extra seating and decoration.

boulder rocks in landscape design

*photo courtesy daphman.com*

  1. Ornamental Grass Plants

Ornamental grass plants thrive spectacularly in our Colorado climate. Plus, they grow large enough to provide privacy and add a splash of greenery to your backyard design.

ornamental grass plants

  1. Low Maintenance Trees

If your Colorado lawn is completely treeless, you may need to reevaluate some life choices. Check out our roundup of low maintenance trees to see which one would work well in your landscaping.

low maintenance trees

*photo courtesy creeksideboulder.com*

  1. Hardscaping

You never know if Colorado summers will feature a few torrential downpours a week or slip into drought mode for three months at a crack. Since it’s often the latter, hardscaping has become a water-saving approach that also adds some extra flair to your landscape design.

hardscape wall

  1. Outdoor Gazebos and Seating Areas

Nothing quite compares to a peaceful Colorado evening, relaxing in your backyard and drinking in the mountain sunset view. Naturally, gazebos and expanded seating areas have become a popular aspect of Colorado landscapes.

gazebo backyard

*Photo credit homestratosphere.com*

  1. Tiered Walkways and Stairs

We all know the Colorado terrain is a bit on the curvy side. Rather than fight the bumps and ridges, welcome them into your landscaping by turning them into decorative stone and brick steps.

walkways and stairs

  1. Wildflower Gardens

Colorado is home to more wildflowers than you can shake a stick at. Add some color to your landscaping by filling your garden space with a few different types of these beauties.

wildflower gardens

*photo courtesy landscapingnetwork.com*

Need help sprucing up your landscape Colorado style? Give your trusted team at All Terrain Landscaping a call at (970) 304-1183 to get started today.

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