Your business or home’s exterior is the first impression you make on clients and guests. A good first impression starts with a good landscape design plan. Whether you’re tearing out existing landscaping, developing a large-scale commercial project, or upgrading current plants, trees, and greenery, All Terrain offers a wide variety of landscape design and installation solutions in Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, and everywhere in between.

After all, landscape design isn’t just about choosing what’s aesthetically appealing. It’s about envisioning and implementing every last detail using the most precise measurements and layouts to guarantee accuracy and optimum quality from start to finish.

Limitless Design Options

Great landscape design begins at the foundation of your Fort Collins home with vertical accents. Let All Terrain Landscaping play up columns, corners of your porch, or your front entry with plant materials such as ornamental grasses or vertical evergreens.

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All Terrain’s landscape design and installation abilities are limitless. Get ready for your yard to be the central gathering place of the neighborhood!

Outdoor Lighting

All Terrain specializes in outdoor lighting (lightscaping), or low-voltage lighting, giving your landscaping 24-hour appeal. We take extra care to use the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting systems so you can get the brightest bang for your buck. Our lightscaping comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

All Terrain’s expert landscape outdoor lighting designers in Fort Collins and Greeley will give your landscape 24-hour appeal with low-voltage lighting which offers several benefits and often costs less than $5 per month to operate.:

  • Extended Nighttime Living Space. The sun goes down and you may gravitate towards the indoors; extend your living space and enjoy your yard by offering a well-lit, appealing landscape. Lightscapes along decks or pergolas are the perfect way to round off your entertainment atmosphere.
  • Added Safety. Reduce the risk of injury and outdoor accidents at low cost. Additional lighting illuminates pathways, entrances and other dark areas using soft, low-voltage lighting so you know exactly where you’re putting your feet.
  • Boundary Lighting. Illuminate a fence or shrubs along property lines to clearly demarcate boundaries.
  • Additional Security. Nothing is more appealing to a criminal than a dark home. Protect your Fort Collins or Greeley home against vandalism, burglary and equipment theft by increasing visibility with outdoor lighting and making it clear that your home is not empty.


Pondering an outdoor pond? All Terrain can help you design, install, and maintain a pond, or any water feature for that matter. We specialize in residential and commercial pond installation, design, and maintenance so that every home, business and community can experience the slice of nature generated by decorative outdoor ponds.

  • Pond Installation. All Terrain can handle the smallest of residential ponds to acre-size commercial features, while offering a wide variety of pond filtration systems. We even offer pondless features, Just-A-Falls water features and even fountains.
  • Pond Maintenance. We specialize in cleaning ponds and managing chemical loads, from regularly scheduled visits to once-a-year maintenance.
  • Increased Appeal. Installing a pond can transform any backyard into a mystical scene and enhance every landscape’s visual appeal.