There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to enjoy the warm evenings in your backyard and being interrupted by unwanted guests – mosquitos! Sometimes it seems that you’re spending more time swatting and itching than relaxing and socializing.

Not only are mosquitos a nuisance, but they can also pose a serious health risk. Insect-borne diseases like Zika are on the rise so it’s increasingly important to protect your family and pets from mosquitos. Let’s face it, citronella candles may add ambiance to your backyard setting, but they’re not very effective. All Terrain Landscaping can safely and effectively take care of those pests with our mosquito control services, so you can fully enjoy your backyard all season long.

Mosquito Control Service

Becoming Mosquito Free

To get started we’ll develop a treatment plan and cost estimate based on the size and needs of your property. Over the course of the mosquito season, four applications are recommended. These applications are timed every three to four weeks apart, beginning mid to late May. Consistency is essential to maintain a barrier against the mosquitos and control adult and larva life stages. This program will decrease mosquito populations by approximately 60-80%. These applications will also help control other nuisance insects such as: common flies, biting flies, and gnats. 970-304-1183

Environmentally Responsible

All treatments we use are environmentally responsible and in compliance with state and federal EPA regulations. You won’t have to worry about our spray treatments harming your gardens, children, or pets. Once the application is dry, it is safe for people and pets!

While the spray treatment we apply will be your most effective weapon against mosquitos, we’ll also survey your property to see what might be inviting unwanted mosquitos. Standing stagnant water is ideal breeding ground for mosquitos – this could be bird baths to anything that contains stagnant water.

Up to 80% Reduction in Mosquitos

Approximately 60-80% reduction in insect populations will occur. There are many variables that come into play when trying to control mosquitos and other nuisance insects. The key to quality insect control is the use of high-quality products, applied at the proper time and proper rates of the products. Our mosquito control application technicians are highly skilled, well-trained, and using the best products on the market.

Safe for Kids & Pets

The products that are used for mosquito and flying insect control are a synthetic form of pyrethrin, which is a naturally occurring compound found in marigolds and chrysanthemums. These products are also used in insect control products for animals and even humans!

Mosquito Control Application for Events

Single Application for Events: If you’re hosting an outdoor party, wedding or barbecue and want to ensure guests are comfortable and able to fully enjoy the event, All Terrain Landscaping can treat the property beforehand to keep mosquitos under control.

If mosquitos are keeping you inside or preventing you from fully enjoying your home, give us a call now. It’s time to take back your yard, enjoy the warm weather and all the outdoor fun that comes with the season. All Terrain Landscaping will apply this application 24-48 hours before the time of your event, this ensures the insecticide has a proper amount of time to work and provide relief.