Winter Friendly Patio Plants


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Just because winter is here and white snow might be on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some greenery outside your doors. There are many winter-friendly potted plants that will survive in Fort Collins and Greeley weather you can use to adorn your front porch and patio throughout the cold months. Best of all, they are all pretty low maintenance. Here are a few regional choices you can enjoy.

Brown’s Yew: This evergreen shrub grows well at Fort Collins altitude offers nice plushness and texture because of its density.  It only needs to be watered twice each week but does need a lot of sunshine.

Boxwood Hedge: Often used as a topiary, this plant does really well in the winter. However, make sure you don’t put it under an overhang because it does need sun to thrive through the winter.

Winterberry: This deciduous type of holly loses its leaves in late fall, but produces bold red berries in the colder months to give your landscape a nice blast of color. Make sure to pair male and female species of the plant to get the berries.

Potted Blue Spruce: One of Colorado’s most iconic evergreens that you can find almost anywhere in Greeley and Fort Collins! The foliage color ranges from a deep green to a silver-blue hue. Normally raised as Christmas trees, small potted branches can be used as outdoor accents.


Red Twig Dogwood: Another one that will give your porch some color. The Red Twig Dogwood loses its leaves after the fall, but you are left with bright red stems that make a tall, pretty fixture.

So, go ahead and fill up a few containers. Some additional color during the winter months will not only liven up your landscape here in Greeley or Fort Collins and outdoor living spaces but also lift your mood.

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