3 Reasons to Have a Professional Winterize Your Sprinkler System

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Fancy yourself as a do-it-yourselfer, do you? While we applaud you tremendously, there are some projects in the landscaping realm you really ought to pass off to the professionals. For example…the much dreaded but EXTREMELY necessary sprinkler winterization or blowout. Here are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea to call your friends at All Terrain to help your system stay safe this winter:

1. Excess Water Causes Pipes to Burst

Before we delve into the benefits of soliciting a professional for blowing out your sprinkler system, let’s discuss why it’s so important to even do a turn-off in the first place. Excess water accumulates in the system just from general use during the summer. When Colorado winter temperatures kick in, this water will freeze and expand, causing the PVC pipes to burst. That’s not all – such breakage will lead to further internal damage to the entire system, which translates to big bucks shelled out for an avoidable repair.

2. Wimpy Equipment Won’t Do the Trick

It’s nothing personal against the bicycle pump in your garage, but for winterizing your sprinkler system, you need to pull out the big guns to ensure all the water is properly and efficiently pumped out. A standard compressor can only pump air out at a rate of 3-5 cubic feet per minute (CFM), whereas All Terrain’s professional compressors blow out air at 185 CFM. Keep in mind, this measurement refers to the volume, not the pressure. Your local hardware store may have a high pressure compressor, but that will likely damage the system and pipes. There’s a reason we have the compressors we do as they feature the perfect balance of pressure and volume.

3. It’s a Dangerous Job

Sprinkler turn-offs are not for the inexperienced landscaper. As you can imagine, pumping extreme amounts of pressure into a sprinkler system can create dangerous chunks of flying debris. At the very least, eye protection should be worn at all times. But to guarantee maximum safety, hand the reins to the pros.

When it comes down to sprinkler system winterization and blow out, our team will make sure the entire process is done correctly, safely and without any damage. We’re so confident in our services that if anything were to go wrong, we’d be happy to come back and fix it at no charge.

Give us a call at 970-304-1183 to set up your sprinkler blow out today.

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