3 Ways to Make Your Office Park Stand Out

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In our humble opinion, there are two types of office parks: ones that look like a prison and ones that look like a darn fun place to work. When potential employees or tenants drive past your office park, what is their initial impression? Are they dazzled by the gorgeous landscaping and breathtaking scenery? If you can’t give a definite “yes,” let’s discuss a few ways to make your office park stand out:

1. Water Features

When it comes to things that flow, you can’t get too fancy schmancy. Turn your complex into a palace courtyard with structures such as marble fountains and bird baths, or ground features such as ponds complete with stone siding and waterfalls.

Not only do water features create a picturesque landscape, but the soothing sounds of running water offer a calming atmosphere. Trust us, high-flying tenants that boost your park’s reputation will naturally gravitate toward a place where they feel at peace.

2. Flora and Fauna

No one can resist the charm of a landscape that resembles the secret garden. Add a touch of vibrancy to your office park scenery with a variety of flowers and plants. Choose a mixture of annuals and perennials in multiple species and colors to really make the setting pop.

To accompany the ground coverings, plant a variety of trees. Of course they’re appealing, but more importantly they provide plenty of shade and a comfortable gathering area for employees. Be sure they are placed strategically so they don’t cover up important signage.

3. Seating Areas

The best way to create a welcoming atmosphere in an office park landscape is to offer people a place to sit down. Intersperse all those ponds and plants with structures such as stone benches, gazebos, picnic tables, etc. Bonus points for placing them beneath a tree.

The best part about revamping your office complex landscape with water features, trees, flowers, benches and gazebos – besides the obvious visual attractiveness – is the secure ambiance it emanates. The classier a scenery looks, the harder it will be for a potential tenant to envision a 3 a.m. burglary.

Feeling overwhelmed at all the work you have to do to get your office park in prime condition? Take a deep breath because your friends at All Terrain Landscaping are here to do all the dirty work – from the planning to the digging to the planting to the maintenance. Give us a call at 970-304-1183 to get started today.

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