4 Fall Cleanup Hacks

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Yes, we know that the end of summer is something that gets everyone a little teary-eyed, but after we’re all done with wailing a hearty “Where did the time go??” it’s time to start thinking about what’s next for your lawn. Here are our best suggestions for cleaning up your outdoor space before winter hits.

1. Cover Pots
Those big clay pots sitting by your front porch are about to enter danger season if not cared for properly. When the soil inside freezes and expands, the clay won’t be able to handle the pressure and will end up cracking. Move them undercover (a shed would be best) and cover them with tarp. Better yet, line the inside with bubble wrap before filling with soil in the future.

2. One Final Mow
The last thing you feel like doing after a summer of pristine yard maintenance is hopping on the old riding lawn mower once again. Trust us, though, one last round before the snow comes will set up your grass nice and pretty for next year.

3. Snip Lifeless Limbs
First off, you know as well as we do that the dead branches look pretty ugly compared to the healthy ones. Second, if the bigger ones get weighed down with a Colorado blizzard, they can be a huge danger to anyone walking nearby (not to mention your front window). Now is the perfect time to take care of the branches that are past their glory days.

4. Store Anything Not Intended For Winter
Patio furniture, children’s toys, and anything else used by birds as a public restroom would survive winter best if stored in a shed for the next six months or so. Give them one final hose-down and then store your hose, too.

While it can be easy to forget, make sure your outdoor space doesn’t get neglected in the midst of your post-summer depression. Any other questions on preparing for the winter? Such as needing to schedule a sprinkler blowout? Give us a call.

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