5 Christmas Lighting Design Ideas

Christmas lighting on house

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Now we love the holiday season and so do you, but it can sure be stressful—especially the Christmas lighting.

As if trying to coordinate dinner plans with relatives who aren’t on speaking terms isn’t taxing enough, you then have to spend a full Saturday untangling the world’s most knotted string of lights only to nearly fall off a ladder and then find that half the bulbs are dead.

Not anymore friends! All Terrain has your back on installing the best-of-the-best holiday and Christmas lighting with our residential and commercial services. Check out the details on our Christmas lighting installations here and then start thinking about how you want your home decked out:

Check out these 5 Christmas lighting ideas…

1. The Elegant Palace
Consider yourself classy folks? Then the elegant palace design may be for you. Illuminating your home and a few shrubs with gold icicle lights is all it takes to get that tasteful and chic Christmas lighting wonderment that will have all the neighbors envious.

2. The Enchanted Forest
Perhaps you’ve got quite the collection of trees in your front lawn that you’d like to showcase. We’d be happy to adorn them top to bottom with any color of Christmas lighting your heart desires. Did we mention our premium LED lights are energy efficient? So go wild!

3. The Santa’s Workshop
We’ll transform your home into the North Pole with a candy cane-lined driveway, Santa’s sleigh and eight tiny reindeer (plus Rudolph of course), and a gaggle of elves chilling on the lawn. That’s right, we don’t just do the lights – installing decorations also falls under our area of expertise.

4. The Communicator
Sure, you can assume that passersby know your display is promoting good will towards men and Christmas cheer, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little more direct. “SANTA STOP HERE” on the roof, a glowing peace sign hanging from the window, and Star of Bethlehem shining over all? That’s what we’re talking about.

5. The Target Commercial
Rainbow lights? Check. Gold lights? Check. Blowup Santa? Check. Blowup Frosty? Check. Every tree, shrub and hedge covered? Check. Illuminated wreaths between windows? Check. Neighbors need sunglasses to sleep at night? Check. Would be gaudy but it’s just WAY TOO AWESOME to care? Check. Looks like a Target commercial? Check.

We want to minimize your holiday stress and give you the Christmas lighting display that makes your heart sing every time you pull into the driveway. Give us a call to book your decorating session: 970-500-5321. 

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