5 Landscaping Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

5 Ways to Value of Your Home with Landscaping

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The real estate market is a competitive scene right now, which means that home sellers all across Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, heck…all of northern Colorado, need to step up their game. If you really want to catch the eyes of potential homebuyers who are ready to drop some serious cash (or at least asking price), you need to make their first impression of your home a good one. Fortunately, your pals at All Terrain are here to help you spruce up your landscaping to increase the value of your home. Here are our best tips:

  1. Trees are expensive…take care of it up front.

Everyone loves a good tree (or two or ten) in their yard to provide shade, aesthetics, treehouses – you name it. Of course, any homebuyer knows that such foliage can get a bit pricey, which is why having trees as part of your landscaping significantly increases your overall property value.

  1. Clean up your landscaping.

Sometimes all your landscaping needs is a good, thorough cleanup. Get rid of dead twigs and leaves, prune the hedges, pull weeds, power wash bird droppings off the porch, and store children’s toys out of sight. You know that they say presentation is everything, and when it comes to your lawn, the initial presentation can make all the difference in how a potential buyer views your home.

  1. Add a splash of color.

Depending on the season, adding color to your landscaping may be a challenge. If possible, brightening up your outdoor space with colorful flowers and plants adds a whole new element of beauty that will attract homebuyers – even a wreath and flower pots by the front entry add curb appeal and warmth to potential buyers. Don’t go overboard, though, you don’t want your landscape to become overwhelming or too busy.

  1. Repair irrigation system.

Everything could be going great at your house showing, but the second you have to admit that your sprinkler system is busted, you could see some serious hiccups. If there is an issue with your irrigation system, give All Terrain a call so it’s something you can boast about, not avoid.

  1. Add a new layer of mulch.

If your mulch is looking a little drab, toss a new layer on top of it – this should be done every other year or so. The rich color of fresh mulch brightens up the surrounding flowers and plants, which gives it an overall pleasing appearance.

While All Terrain loves landscaping your home, we’re also here to help you turn it into someone else’s home sweet home. Give us a call at 970-304-1183 if you need a little value added before putting it on the market.

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