5 Low Maintenance Trees For Colorado Yards

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Everyone loves trees. You made a house out of them as a kid, you relax in the shade of their leafy branches, and there are at least a few thousand poems and children’s books devoted to them. Choosing the perfect trees for your landscape can make or break the entire ambiance of your yard, which is why we’re here to point you in the right direction and help you find trees that thrive naturally in Colorado.

1. Plum Tree
For most plum trees to bloom there needs to be a pollinator tree within 50 feet. Even if it doesn’t bloom, though, this tree still works great in Colorado. It is best to plant plum trees on soil that drains well and with access to plenty of sunlight. Try to avoid positioning them on lower points where cold air settles to prevent early freezing.

2. Autumn Blaze Maple
As you probably guessed from its name, the Autumn Blaze Maple glows red in the fall, brightening up any landscape. It has some drought resistance, which is great for (most) Colorado summers and can work well lining a street.

3. Sawtooth Oak
Although native to East Asia, the Sawtooth Oak makes for an optimal Colorado landscape tree due to its drought resistance and the shade it provides. Height and spread can be up to 60 feet, so be sure to give it plenty of growing room.

4. Apricot
This tree has it all – flowers, fruit, and brightly-colored autumn leaves. Apricot trees grow wide in diameter so they can take up a large portion of your landscape. They work well with Colorado weather patterns due to their cold hardiness.

5. Colorado Blue Spruce
Evergreen trees aren’t just for the mountains. Colorado blue spruce trees look great in yards along the Front Range providing shade and privacy. Because of the impressive size they can grow, they are not recommended for small backyards.

Trees are the perfect way to give your landscape shade, color, life, and character. Don’t let your yard go without.

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