5 Plants that Provide Privacy Along a Fence

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If your home is your castle, then your yard is your palace courtyard. And what is one thing that every palace courtyard needs (besides the obvious marble fountains and royal servants)? Privacy! Before you run out to get thousands of cinderblocks for a 10-foot retaining wall, though, you should know that there is a simpler – not to mention more aesthetically pleasing – way to add a bit of privacy to your yard. Check out these five plants that give you the seclusion you need:

Various Tall Ornamental Grasses

There are many different types of ornamental grasses that grow tall enough to provide privacy along a fence. One type is zebra grass, which has long flowing leaves and can get up to six feet high. Zebra plants require a sunny environment and ample water along with fertilizer in early spring. Another type of ornamental grass is maiden grass, which can have a spread of up to 10 feet wide and last through fall. Be careful when watering this one – excess water on the leaves can make it rust! And then there’s pampas grass, a perennial that likely has all the qualities you could want!

Hedges and Evergreen Shrubs

Hedges and evergreen shrubs also make for a great yard barrier. These plants come in many different varieties, meaning that their upkeep is varied as well. Most require a weekly watering and a top that is pruned to be narrower than the bottom so that sunlight can reach the lower branches.

Evergreen Trees

Living in Colorado, we are no stranger to evergreen trees. Providing year-round greenery, these trees are an excellent way to provide privacy. The best time to plant evergreens is in early spring, after the ground thaws and just in time to soak in the spring showers. Maintenance is fairly easy – no fertilizer necessary as long as they have plenty of sun and water.


You don’t have to live in East Asia to enjoy this low maintenance plant! Bamboo can grow several feet high in a short amount of time. The ideal environment for bamboo is a sunny area and planted in moist but well-drained soil. Be sure it gets approximately one inch of water per week.

Leyland Cypress

This unique tree is the perfect plant for privacy seeing that it can grow three or more feet in a single year. Leyland cypress trees should be planted in a large landscape where it can get plenty of sun. Little upkeep is required – water only in times of prolonged drought and avoid using regular fertilizer.

There you have it! These plants are bound to provide the privacy and serenity needed to turn your backyard into your very own palace courtyard. Kidding. Somewhat.

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