5 Things You Need to Know About Installing Sod

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While everyone else is making goals for the summer along the lines of water parks and road trips, we’re over here making our own goals for our favorite season. Top of the list? To get your lawn as healthy and green as possible. If you’re planning on installing sod this season, here’s everything you should know:

  1. Time It Out

Late summer and early fall is usually the best time to roll out the green carpet, but honestly, sod can be installed at nearly any time. Spring is another great time to get the job done because it isn’t too hot yet.

  1. Choose Your Grass

There are as many grasses out there to choose from as there are reality TV shows. Before you get ahead of yourself, decide if you need grass that holds up well against foot traffic, requires minimal maintenance, is drought resistant, etc. Check out this guide for different types of grass to make the best decision possible.

  1. Prep the Surface

You can’t toss sod just anywhere and expect it to be happy. Before installing it, make sure the surface is clean and smooth – get rid of rocks, weeds and other undesirables, then rake in fertilizer, lime, peat, compost, etc. Also, be conscious of your drainage system so that you don’t place the sod in high puddle regions.

  1. Lay It On Down

Now it’s time to get your game face on. Lay down the sod rugs 1-3 days after they come into your possession so they stay fresh. Place each strip in a straight line and stagger the rows in a brick-like fashion. Make sure the soil feels moist to the touch before installation.

  1. Get It All Settled In

Like how new babies need to be fed a lot, new sod needs to be watered a lot. In the days prior to laying the sod down, water the surface on which it is to be placed. During the two weeks following sod installation, lightly water it in the morning and afternoon to encourage root growth.

High five to our DIYer friends out there, but installing sod can be a lot of work. If you’re looking to turn the project over to landscaping experts, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 970-304-1183 to schedule an appointment today.

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