5 Tips to Reduce Outdoor Water Use

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Ever find yourself fainting in shock at the sight of your water bill? Sure, you can try some household water saving efforts like not flushing the toilet or showering once a week, but this may lose you some friends. We’d like to recommend a more hygienic approach: take your planet-saving endeavors outside. Here are five of our best tips for reducing outdoor water consumption on your yard:

1. Check for sprinkler system leaks and cracks…and fix them!

First things first – make sure sprinkler system damages are not causing excess water to be used. Throughout the watering season, frequently assess valves, sprinkler heads and all other system components for cracks and leaks. You’d be surprised at how much water faulty sprinkler heads can waste.

2. Install a weather/rain sensor.

Technology has come a long way when it comes to lawn care. We recommend installing a weather sensor that monitors soil moisture, rain and wind so your irrigation system knows exactly when it is necessary to water and when it should hold off. Pretty nifty, eh?

3. Use water-saving sprinklers and hoses.

Similar to weather sensors, water-saving sprinklers and hoses are clever little guys that will save you big money when it comes to water consumption. Devices such as these have features that time how much water is being released and cover only the necessary grass area so that you can minimize waste and only use the perfect amount.

4. Monitor hose and sprinkler water pressure.

Not only does too high of water pressure antagonize some of the more delicate flowers and plants in your yard, but it is extremely wasteful. All Terrain can help you determine just how much water pressure is necessary to give your lawn an adequate soaking without getting carried away.

5. Consider xeriscaping.

And finally, if you really want to get serious about reducing your outdoor water usage, consider xeriscaping part of your landscape. No, xeriscaping isn’t about slapping a layer of concrete over your lawn, it’s about using more gravel, mulch, shrubs, stone walkways, etc., all of which are more environmentally friendly than water-guzzling grass. Our team is waiting with shovels and wheelbarrows in hand whenever you are ready to get xeriscaping.

Water doesn’t have to break the bank if you know how to use it properly. Get in touch with the All Terrain team today to start saving water on your landscaping today.

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