5 Ways to Reduce Water Usage Outdoors

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You may think your commercial property or home is at the top of its game, but we’re willing to bet it’s a mean, non-green, water-guzzling machine. In fact, the city of Greeley uses a slightly higher percentage of its water for outdoor use, with 45 percent going to indoor uses and 55 percent outdoors. According to the Fort Collins Government, 40% of annual water consumption is for outdoor landscape maintenance between April and October. In other words, with the average family using over 300 gallons of water in their homes daily, and over 50% of annual water usage being used for landscaping purposes, we need to be conscience of our water consumption. Using too much water is an easy mistake to make, but it causes far too much damage to the environment, not to mention to your pocketbook. Fortunately, ever since we reduced a Greeley HOA’s water consumption by 18%, we’ve proudly deemed ourselves water conservation whizzes. Here are a few of our best tips to help conserve water outdoors:

Install Rain Sensors

Every environmentally-conscious individual dreams of an irrigation system that is so smart it coordinates with Mother Nature. Rain sensors help fulfill that dream by detecting when there is precipitation patterns and adjusting the sprinkler cycle accordingly. This is a great way to not only reduce outdoor water consumption but avoid flood damage as well.

Adjust Outdoor Water Pressure

Excess water consumption outdoors can happen in the blink of an eye if you do not use an appropriate water pressure. High of water pressure will waste water and can be damaging to your plants and garden. Our team of landscape professionals can evaluate just how much water pressure is necessary to keep your lawn, plants and flowers healthy without going overboard.

Damage and Leak Assessment

Broken water valves and sprinkler heads are a common culprit of excess water usage. At least once a month during spring and summer watering season, check all irrigation components for leaks, cracks and other damages. Also, be mindful of your usual watering costs and take note if there are any spikes in your water bill.

Smart Water Controllers

When it comes to reducing water consumption, sometimes it is best to take a backseat approach and let smart water controllers figure it all out for you. Smart water controllers will gauge the amount of wasted water because of evaporation and consumption by your landscape. It will then communicate with your irrigation system so only the needed amount of water is dispensed, thus creating less water waste.

Conservative Plants and a Water-Efficient Landscape or Xeriscape

Ready to transform your thirsty lawn into a lush, water-efficient landscape? Start with these resources: Colorado Native Plant Database and give our landscape experts a call to help guide you towards a more water-efficient landscape or xeriscape.

Don’t be a contributing factor to a city-wide drought and one who is burdened by high outdoor watering expenses. Let All Terrain help you reduce outdoor water consumption and create a healthier and more cost-effective landscape.

Other resources: Water Budget – City of Greeley

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