5 Ways to Go Green With Your Landscaping

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When you hear the phrase “go green,” you may think of that particularly hilarious Modern Family episode where Jesse Eisenberg guest stars as the environmentally-obsessed neighbor. He states that his car runs on reclaimed cooking oil, he hasn’t printed anything since 2004, his entire house is solar-powered, and he sells energy back to the grid so he can use that money to save polar bears.

If you feel overwhelmed just reading that, take a deep breath because being a friend to the environment does not have to be that intense. In fact, we’ve got the 411 on how you can go green without that much hassle:

1. Plant an herb garden.
Planting an herb garden is one of the easiest – not to mention tastiest – ways to live a little greener. Herb gardens can be planted either indoors or outdoors and require plenty of sunlight and regular watering. Basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary are just a few of the herbs you can start with. Helpful hint: if your garden is outside, surround it with a short, wooden fence to keep out the bunnies!

2. Check your irrigation systems.
It’s important to routinely check your irrigation systems, faucets, and spigots to make sure you don’t have any leaks that could result in significant water loss. Better yet, investigate to see if your city offers rebates on high-efficiency toilets and irrigation-system control boxes.

Conducting a sprinkler audit also has tremendous benefits. 80 percent of all water used outdoors goes down the drain, and depending on the effectiveness of your sprinkler system, you could save tons of money, time, and water. Nobody wants to be that guy whose sprinklers water the sidewalk more than his lawn – we can help you with that.

3. Xeriscaping.
Contrary to popular belief, xeriscaping does not mean you have to rip out your lawn and replace it with cacti and rocks. You can simply make use of drought-tolerant, native and green landscape ground covers and shrubs. These plants use less water, attract more pollinators and drop a splash of color in your yard. And for the statistically-minded folks: Xeriscaping can cut the amount of water used on your yard by up to 60 percent.

4. Work a rain garden into your landscape.
Get creative and strategically position certain areas of your lawn so that they can soak up water runoff from your driveway, roof or lawn. Once it’s collected, it’s allowed to soak back into the ground slowly, which can help you retain 30 percent more rainwater than your average lawn. All Terrain can help you out with that – schedule an appointment today. 

5. Hardscape.
The hard areas of your landscaping can be just as aesthetically pleasing as the grassy and plant areas. Patios, retaining walls, and walkways come in countless different designs and add a certain kind of flair. The best part? You don’t have to water concrete, stone, or brick!

If you want to take going green to Jesse Eisenberg extremes, you get extra kudos from us. If that’s just not your style, though, start with these tips and the environment will thank you just the same.

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