6 Incredibly Easy but Super Effective Curb Appeal Boosters

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You’ve heard the expression “presentation is everything.” While you may often hear it applied to personal attire or serving a nice dinner, the adage rings just as true for the outside of your home. Now we know you all are classy folks, so here’s a few tips to make sure passers-by come to that conclusion too.


Improve Light Fixtures
It’s easy to take an “Eh, it functions, doesn’t it?” approach when it comes to light fixtures, but the truth is that the light fixtures on the front of your house may make the difference between ancient and modern. Whether they are rusted, broken, or just from a different century, consider browsing the aisles of your local hardware store to get an idea of what will look a little fresher.

Upgrade Landscaping
Now we could go on for days about ways to upgrade your landscaping (it’s kind of our thing), but here’s the quick and dirty: plant a tree or two, add a few plants, install a fire pit, redo your hardscape, and green up your lawn.

Flower It Up
Giving your front porch a makeover may be as easy as adding a little life and color. Throw a few pots on the porch or steps (or even go all out with hanging pots if you’re feeling ambitious), fill them with brightly-colored flowers and watch your curb appeal score several points. Don’t forget to water them – dead flowers have the opposite effect.

Door Mat
Nothing says “welcome to my home” better than…well…a welcome mat. Whether yours has suffered from years of muddy-shoed visitors or you never bothered to get one in the first place, a nice, clean mat can complete your front porch aesthetics. Tip: invest in one with a gripped underside to better endure wind gusts.

Polish Door Hardware
You’ve endured the intense Colorado weather elements, and so has your front door. Take a good look at your door hardware and you’ll be surprised how little it resembles its original hue. Polish it up and the sun beams reflecting off it will scream beautiful home.

De-Cob and Sweep It!
Remember the dilapidated mansion from It’s a Wonderful Life before George Bailey fixed it up? There’s a good chance that’s what people see if you let the cobwebs get out of hand. A couple hours with a broom and extendable duster and your porch will look like it has come back from the dead.

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