6 Elements of a Landscape You’ll Fall in Love With

6 Elements of a Landscape You'll Fall in Love With

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Tis the season of love, romance and all that mushy gushy hoopla we generally try to avoid. But this year, we’re making a statement: Love is not just for your S.O., it’s a-okay to fall in love with your landscape too! If you find yourself swooning over lush greenery or adoring plants, paths and patios, have we got a treat for you this Valentine’s Day.

We’re reminding you of all the wild and fun possibilities that you can do with your landscaping. Whether you are wanting to spice up the exterior of your commercial business or home sweet home, the All Terrain team has some ideas of how to make your dreams come true.

Here are just a few elements of a landscape we know you’ll fall in love with:

1. Outdoor Kitchens

Are you the entertainer of the neighborhood, the grill master of the block, the hostess with the mostest? Outdoor kitchens open up a whole new world. Take your outdoor parties to the next level with the space to whip up creations that will make your neighbors jealous.

2. Water Features

Nothing is lovelier than a couple fountains, waterfalls, bird baths…you name it. Water features add a whole new dimension to your landscape to really bring it to life! Ask about our sustainability approach to landscaping.

3. Fire Pits

Backyard fire pits create a romantic setting for stay-at-home dates, not to mention a great hangout spot for you and your squad. We have numerous designs and features to choose from so your pit matches your landscaping’s personality.

4. Brick or Concrete Pavers

Patterns and colors and textures oh my! If your landscape is in need of an updated patio, garden path or walkway of any kind, our brick and concrete pavers are the ideal solution. Fall in love with all the different options we offer.

5. Koi Ponds

Don’t play “koi” with us…you know you love those fish ponds. Forget about just having a backyard, because we can give you a full-blown nature escape! Our ponds and water features come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate several types of landscaping. Plus, not only are they beautiful, but they add value to your property as well.

6. Pergolas

Colorado may be known for its clear skies, but just in case, we have a way to make every night a starry night. Our pergola structures can be adorned with patio lights for some extra flair or be left standalone as a statement piece to cover a patio.

So, while your friends and family are getting wrapped up in cute cards and boxes of chocolates this Valentine’s Day, we give you full permission to love on the countless unique elements you could be adding to your landscape. Haven’t gotten your fill of features yet? Check out our design portfolio for more ideas.

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