7 Spring Cleanup Tasks

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spring cleanup

Ahh, spring cleaning, something you either dread or enjoy. Regardless, outdoor spring cleanup tasks are vital for a healthy yard and will help prep your landscape for summer.

March, especially in Colorado, is notoriously unpredictable. Shrubs can be covered with snow and ice one day and a couple of days later (or overnight) temperatures can sway and it’s warm enough for flowers and leaf buds to make their appearance. Because the Colorado spring is so tumultuous it is critical that plants are pruned using best practices for the plant or shrub health.

Check out these seven outdoor spring clean-up tasks to tackle now and get a head-start this season!

1. Prune dead, overgrown or damaged branches and shrubs. Cut back perennials. While most trees and shrubs benefit from annual pruning – be careful not to prune your flowering shrubs.

2. Rake leaves that have piled up around bushes and found their way into the corners of your lawn

3. Aerate and fertilize your lawn

4. Re-edge plant beds and remove debris from tree circles

5. Add fresh mulch to bare spots in your landscape

6. Check irrigation system for for leaks and other damage as well as make sure everything is adjusted for optimal efficiency for the upcoming season.

7. Inspect sprinkler heads and clean if needed

Also to keep in mind: plan summer landscape projects. Spring is the perfect time to plan ahead, because before you know it, the Fourth of July will be here and you’ll be asking yourself where the time went.

And if you fall under the “I dread spring cleaning” category, contact All Terrain; after all, that’s what we’re here for.

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