7 Times to Use Artificial Turf in Your Yard

7 Times to use artificial turf vs grass in your lawn

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It’s a gorgeous summer afternoon and you are headed to your friend’s annual BBQ. Upon arrival, you immediately notice how lovely their lawn looks. After a few minutes of marveling, your friend tells you two words that really resonate: “it’s fake”.

In recent years, the use of artificial turf has gained recognition for being eco-friendly, sustainable, and visually appealing. As with most things, there are pros and cons to using artificial turf in your lawn. Despite your personal preferences towards artificial or real turf, there are certain times when using artificial turf can be advantageous to your lawn aesthetic and your sanity.

7 Reasons to Install Artificial Turf

  1. Aesthetics

Do you ever imagine having a beautiful lawn that requires no blood, sweat, or tears? Artificial turf may be your answer. With many styles and colors to choose from, artificial turf provides a lawn that is both beautiful and catered to your own preferences. You can now host that summer BBQ without worry of sidelong glances at your patchy grass.

  1. Child Proof

You love your children, but their egregious playing has taken a toll on your lawn. Artificial turf is extremely durable and can withstand whatever activity your young ‘uns have chosen for the day.

  1. Pet Proof Lawn

Your dog is family to you, but sometimes they can be a handful. With their joyous playing, peeing, digging, peeing, and clawing your grass looks like it was hit with a natural disaster named Spot (pun-intended). Implementing artificial turf protects against dog damage and keeps your lawn looking brand new for several years to come.

  1. Eco-friendly

If you consider yourself a lover of the environment, artificial turf may be your solution to more conscious lawncare. These lawns require no watering, no pesticides and no lawnmowers (no gasoline). With these yards, you can live guilt free knowing your lawn looks gorgeous and didn’t take 70 gallons of water to get that way.

 5. Low Cost in the Long-run

You may be considering implementing artificial turf, but are deterred by the cost. When comparing the annual cost of maintenance for a grass lawn, artificial lawns will end up saving you money in the long run. If you have recently settled down into a new home and/or plan on staying put for awhile, artificial lawns are a great investment

  1. Low Maintenance

Do you consider yourself unenthusiastic about yard work? Do you resent your lawnmower? Maybe you cringe when looking at your water bill? If you relate to these questions then artificial turf may be your solution. These lawns require little to no upkeep and provide effortless beauty.

  1. Adaptability

If you find yourself living in a climate that is, let’s say, harsh on living things, artificial turf will come to your rescue. These lawns are perfect for any climate and will allow you to enjoy the look of luscious green grass in the middle of the desert.

Whether you are a lackadaisical lawn owner, a lover of the planet, or the proud owner of kids and pups, artificial turf will save you time and sanity. With artificial turf, the word “fake” takes on a completely new meaning.

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