Our Favorite Custom Outdoor Living Rooms & Spaces 

Outdoor pool and hot tub

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Let’s face it, we are lucky to live in a state where the sun shines, the mountains call to us, and the fresh air is as crisp as a Colorado sunrise. But sometimes, our outdoor living spaces need a little love.

We get it.  

Years of neglect, a few too many weeds, and maybe a plastic flamingo or two that have seen better days. So, where do we begin to transform our outdoor spaces into custom outdoor living retreats?  

Fear not, for All Terrain Landscaping is here to guide you through some of our favorite outdoor living room and space ideas that scream Colorado pride! 

Our Favorite Custom Outdoor Living Rooms & Spaces 

1. Outdoor Kitchens 

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen by All Terrain Landscaping

Picture this: a sizzling grill, the aroma of delicious burgers wafting through the air, and a beautiful mountain view as your backdrop. Custom outdoor living at its finest!  

Whether you lean towards a classic grill setup or dream of a full-blown outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven and a wine fridge, creating an outdoor culinary paradise is within reach. 

2. Outdoor Dining Room 

Outdoor dining room
Outdoor dining area by All Terrain Landscaping

There’s something magical about enjoying a meal outdoors. With a custom outdoor dining room, you can savor every bite surrounded by the sounds of nature.  

Imagine gathering your friends and family around a rustic table, under the Colorado sky, sharing stories and laughter as you dine under the stars. Now that’s custom outdoor living at its best. 

3. Entertainment Area or Living Room 

Outdoor entertainment area
Outdoor Entertainment Area by All Terrain Landscaping

Who says the living room should be confined to the indoors? Bring the party outside with a custom outdoor entertainment area. From comfy couches for stargazing to hanging chair swings for a lazy Sunday afternoon, your outdoor living room can be as cozy and inviting as your indoor one. Movie night under the moon? Count us in.  

4. Gazebos & Pergolas 

Pergola Design

For those seeking a tranquil retreat from the Colorado sun, gazebos and pergolas offer the perfect blend of shade and style. These semi-covered spaces not only provide relief from the heat but also add a touch of elegance to your outdoor oasis. Custom outdoor living never looked so good. 

5. Pools, Hot Tubs & Pool Bars: Make a Splash in Style 

Outdoor pool and hot tub
Outdoor Pool & Hot Tub by All Terrain Landscaping

What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than with a refreshing dip in your custom outdoor pool? Whether you’re a cannonball connoisseur, a backstroke enthusiast, or just looking to relax in a bubbling hot tub, integrating water features into your outdoor space can elevate your relaxation game to new heights.  

And hey, who can resist the allure of a pool bar for those swanky poolside parties? 

6. Outdoor Showers 

After a day of swimming, gardening, or simply basking in the Colorado sunshine, an outdoor shower is a game-changer. Wash away the chlorine or salt water, rinse off the day’s adventures, and get ready to head back indoors feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  

It’s a simple yet luxurious addition to your custom outdoor living space that adds a touch of spa-like indulgence. 

Let’s Bring Your Outdoor Dreams to Life! 

Whether you’re dreaming of an outdoor kitchen that Gordon Ramsay would envy or a cozy pergola where you can unwind with a good book, we’ve got the expertise and passion to create the outdoor space of your dreams.  

So, go ahead, take the first step towards transforming your outdoor oasis into a personalized retreat. Let’s make your custom outdoor living dreams a reality together. Reach out to us at All Terrain Landscaping and let’s embark on this exciting outdoor journey together. 

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