Decorating Your Landscape for Fall

Decorating your landscape for fall

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As summer fades away and the leaves start to fall, we know that fall is here. That means it is time to transition your landscape from summer to fall. Here are a few ways that you can achieve this:

Rotate your Flowers & Add a Wreath

Be sure to rotate out your summer flowers and introduce fall flowers into your yard. Mums and pansies are great options to spruce up your fall flower portfolio. Add a fall-inspired wreath to your front door for extra curb appeal when the trees and plants start to lose their leaves and go into hibernation.

Consider Adding Gourds

Fall arrangements look best when centered around oranges, yellows, and reds. Luckily, gourds match up perfectly with this palette. Consider adding squash, pumpkins or autumn wing gourds to your landscape this fall.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Fall means colder temperatures and shorter days. With this in mind, add extra lighting to your property in order to illuminate walkways and brighten up your landscape.

Add an Outdoor Firepit

A gas firepit can be the perfect option to keep your outdoor living space usable as the temperature falls. All Terrain’s team of experts can design and install the perfect outdoor firepit for your home or property this fall.

Force Color

Adding colorful planters and containers can force color when the frost starts to dull your yard’s palette. Consider using vibrant reds and yellows as you plan out your decorations.

Incorporate Sturdy Asters

Asters are a popular fall flower for a reason. They add a vibrant splash of color to the otherwise dull fall color scheme. Adding these colorful perennials to your yard will be sure to spruce up your ensemble.

Fall is full of landscaping opportunity. It is not a season to simply prepare for spring but rather presents a variety of opportunities itself. If you need assistance exploring these options, give our team a call!

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