Father’s Day Gift Guide

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He’s one of the hardest guys to buy for, yet after years of advice giving, joke making, and encouragement providing, your dad deserves something truly spectacular this Father’s Day.

Here are our gift recommendations to get your gift-giving creative juices flowing:

Variety of Yard Work Tools
Fact: Dads hate shopping, which is why most of their lawn maintenance tools look like they came from a different century. Whether it’s his shovel, rake, hoe or pruning shears, chances are good that it could use an upgrade.

Mosquito-Free Summer
What’s better than a summer of barbeques and badminton in the backyard with your dad? Not having to put up with all the pesky mosquitoes! Have some fun putting together a package of as many anti-mosquitos items as you can come up with. We’re thinking bug zappers, mosquito spray, citronella lamps, etc.

New Tree for the Backyard
Give dad something that will last for years and add life to his landscape. The best part is this gift comes with some built-in bonding time when you guys plant it together. See a list of our favorite Colorado trees here.

A Break From Lawn Maintenance
Sometimes the best gifts aren’t ones you can unwrap. What dad wants more than anything is to be able to kick back and relax without having to worry about the grass getting too long, the shrubs needing to be pruned, or the sprinkler system malfunctioning. Give us a call (link to contact info) and we’ll take care of all his lawn maintenance needs so he can do what he really wants this Father’s Day.

He already has a closet full of argyle ties and a cupboard full of “World’s #1 Dad” mugs. This year, let dad know how much you appreciate him with something unique that you know he’ll love.

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