Mother’s Day Landscape Gift Ideas

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She kissed your bruises when you were a kid, she had your back when you were a teenager, and she still reminds you to wear sunscreen every single day of summer even though you’re an adult. Her chocolate chip cookies can’t be matched, and neither can her unconditional love. In fact, it’s downright unspeakable that there is only one designated day of the year to pay tribute to moms all over.

We know there is no possible way to pay her back for everything she’s done for you, but here are a few landscape gift ideas that would make a good start:

Yard Clean-Up
Something all moms seem to have in common is that they use cleaning up and clearing out as a stress-reliever. So before she starts in on your childhood keepsakes, let us help clean up the lawn with some routine maintenance tasks. We’ll make sure the grass is cut, trees and shrubs are pruned, and all the weeds take a hike.

Potting Plants
Everyone sends their mom a bouquet that dies within a week. Try something different and beautify her outdoor scenery with an array of flowers that will last throughout summer. Click here for some ideas on which spring plants you should choose.

Potted plants, trees and shrubbery really just don’t have the same effect if they are sitting on the weathered remains of several-year-old mulch. Touch up bare spots in the landscape with a fresh layer to give your mom the best view possible.

Fire Pit
Now this one you know she’s not expecting, which is why it would make the perfect Mother’s Day surprise. Statistically (sort of…) speaking, every back patio ups its classiness by a good 73 percent with the installation of a fire pit. Can’t you already picture Mom’s face lighting up the second she sees those flames come out of the porch?

And of course, you could always just go with the classic “coupon for a free hug” that worked great when you were five. But let’s be real, Mom deserves something a little bit better.

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