Help Your Grass Beat The Heat

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Did you know? On average, most Colorado lawns need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week to stay lush and green by rainfall or irrigation. That’s because water is an essential part of a happy, healthy lawn.

Our Colorado season changes can be a little extreme though – a cooler, wet spring can turn into a hot, dry summer in a matter of weeks (or days here!). The ground dries up, and along with it is your nice green lawn.

This spring season is a great time to start protecting your lawn, decorative shrubs and trees for the summer months ahead! We want to help you make an extra effort to keep these plants well hydrated and encourage strong healthy roots.

And while it may seem like you can water your lawn anytime during the day, your lawn actually needs more specific care. For example: Watering in the afternoon is throwing water away to evaporation while watering at night invites disease (when water rests on your grass too long at night, this can cause all sorts of fungal disease). Also, hot and sunny afternoons are not ideal as the water may evaporate before the grass can absorb what it needs.

 We recommend watering in the morning (the sweet spot is between 4am and 10am) because: 

  • It’s cooler and the winds tend to be calmer.
  • Water can soak into the soil and be absorbed even before it can evaporate.
  • Better overall water pressure.
  • Little interference with outside activities.


Quick Tip: Calibrate your sprinkler system to run long enough to water each zone at least an inch. Also, allow sprinkler heads to overlap zones a bit to ensure adequate watering.

Questions about your sprinkler system or lawn watering tips? Give our expert irrigation specialists a call – 970-304-1183.

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