Landscaping Hacks: 7 Tips & Tricks to Save You Time

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Deciding to start a new project or maintaining an old one always comes with a few roses and thorns. When it comes to smaller landscaping projects or maintenance, there are few tricks to the trade that every homeowner should know. For seamless, late summer projects, follow these easy steps to save you a headache when working on an oasis:

That heavy-duty tarp is worth it

Do yourself a favor and invest in a tarp. Whether you’re moving leaves, weeds, soil or small rocks, you’re able to do so much more quickly, cleanly and safely. You can also use it to protect your plants against random weather storms that Colorado is so known for.

Work from a landscaping plan

A master plan helps make your dream landscape come to life in an efficient, productive and financially smart way. It’ll help you break out your project into achievable phases that maximize your work, while keeping you motivated.

Buy enough product the first time

Speaking of having a plan, work off of your masterplan to know how much product you’ll need. Buy enough the first time to avoid the risk of suppliers running out of your specific product or plant. Nothing’s worse than a perennial in a field of daises.

Consolidate annuals

Focus your annuals in pots or beds that are at high-visibility locations on your property to maximize their impact. These long-bloomers look best in places around the front entrance, mailbox, driveway- basically anywhere that’ll make your neighbors say ‘wow!’

Bulk vs. bagged

Whether it’s mulch, soil or stone, evaluate whether how much product you’ll need in order to get your job done. Buy bulk when you can dump it exactly on the spot of where it’ll be spread from. Buy bagged if you’ll be moving it throughout the property. Both strategies will save you time, work and money.

Create an edge

A natural edge around beds creates an inviting landscape, verses plastic or metal edging. Natural edges allow for easier maintenance and provide more flexibility for changes in your design.

Stones: a true rock and hard place 

You don’t want to over-do it, but you don’t want to under-do it. Stones provide amazing accent pieces to a landscape, but can quickly become too much or not enough. Use your plan to map out where to use them as accents, walkways or barriers.

Keep the leaves

Fall will be here before we know it- and so will the leaves. Mow small quantities of leaves into your lawn to provide a light dose of fertilizer to the grass and food for earthworms. Or, grind them up and add them to your compost pile. Moral of the story is there are more uses for your leaves than you may know of.

With the right tools, products and plans, maintaining your own landscape can be incredibly rewarding. Seeing a vision come to life is why we’re in the business and we’re happy to help you every step of the way.

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