Landscaping League: Our Fall Fantasy Football Draft Picks

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Fall cleanups, sprinkler blowouts and leaves changing can only mean one thing- it’s Fantasy Football season. Now, much like the trending sporting tradition, we too have our draft picks for the top landscaping tools and products that you need on your fall cleanup league this year.

First and foremost, your league needs a quarterback landscaper. Say, All Terrain Landscaping.

You’re going to want a team leader when it comes to fall landscaping projects. You need someone who knows the who, what, when, where, whys of planting new vegetation, project planning and total maintenance. Leave your landscaping league up to someone you trust to call the right shots and execute the right plays.

A running back for your backyard: someone who always knows and supports your next play.

Contrary to popular belief, fall is actually a great time to start planting and planning for your next season’s move. Whether you’re looking to clean things up or add more variety, you need a running back player like a Burr Oak tree on your league. Get a jump start on your next big move by planting sooner rather than later and allow your Burr Oak to adapt to its new home. They’re remarkably cold-tolerant and can adapt to our wide ranges of soil types.

An adaptable, innovative, determined team player? Sounds like you’re about to have a LeVeon Bell on your hands.

Defend against our harsh, Colorado climate with a good, defensive lineman.

Colorado weather in the fall is a roll of the dice, a risky play. You never really know if you’ll need your offensive or defensive players on the field, but it’s best to be prepared with both just in case. Put in a little defensive work this fall to ensure a healthy spring training for your crew. From pruning and mowing to fertilizing and planting, let your quarterback lead your defense. They know what would be best for your individual landscape’s needs and would be happy to help answer any questions that you may have regarding the next landscaping play to make.

Use your tools: everyone loves a good tight end and a tightly trimmed edge.

Let’s be honest, your team needs a Rob Gronkowski- a hybrid player that can do what you need, when you need it. Much like Gronkowski, your edge trimmer should be one of your top draft picks for your fall league. Their heads typically pivot up to 90 degrees, so they always know what’s going on in your landscape and they know how to clean things up on the playing field when it seems to be going (or growing) astray. AKA- your edge trimmer draft pick will help keep your landscaping ends tight.

Give us a call today to see about drafting the top quarterback in the league for your fall cleanup team. (970)- 304- 1183.

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