Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

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As much as you dread mowing the lawn, your lawn mower has it worse. At about this point in the summer, your lawn mower has come in contact with a boatload of grass, rough weather and other elements that are continually diminishing its productivity.

Check out these tips to make sure your lawn mower is in topnotch condition:

Sharpen Its Blade
If you’re feeling really confident in your mower maintenance skills, you can try sharpening your mower blade on your own using a metal file, but we’d recommend having a professional do the chore. A local hardware store like Ace Hardware can sharpen your blade so that it doesn’t feel like you’re cutting grass with a pair of rusty scissors.

Clean Out Dead Grass
Along with a dull blade, an accumulation of dead grass can make your mower less efficient. Scrub the undercarriage with a wire brush, and then hose off the remaining grass and dirt. Don’t forget to disconnect the spark plug first unless you want to treat your neighbors to a fireworks show.

Replace the Spark Plug
Speaking of spark plugs, proper lawn mower maintenance requires changing out the spark plug once a year. Even if your mower seems to be functioning okay, a weak spark plug can increase fuel consumption. Be sure to consult the owner’s manual so that you use the recommended brand and avoid engine damage.

Drain Gasoline
At the end of the mowing season, drain the remaining gasoline from your lawn mower. Start with a fresh load the following spring to increase your odds of your lawn mower turning over without a hitch.

Have a Clean Air Filter
It may be small, but the air filter has the ever-important job of keeping dirt and debris from infiltrating the engine. It is recommended to change it once a mowing season. If it’s a paper filter, get a new one. If it’s a foam filter, clean it with hot water and a little bit of detergent and let it air dry.

There you have it – a few quick maintenance tasks and you’ll be cruising across that lawn like a pro!


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