Light Up Your Landscape Design

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Outdoor lighting is something a lot of homeowners don’t think about when they’re planning their landscape design. How do you create a backyard that’s light years ahead of others? One way is to add landscape lighting that will give you a high-end look to your home and make it safer too. Since many people work or play till long after the sun goes down in Colorado, they often don’t have time to enjoy their backyard until the evening hours. Add outdoor lighting, and your patio is immediately transformed into usable space to sit back and relax.

There are dozens of places you probably didn’t realize could benefit from landscape lighting. Well placed lighting can dramatically improve the appearance of your landscape during low light conditions. Trees, shrubs, and even retaining walls are all great places to place lights to illuminate paths, provide ambiance, or add extra security.

Ways to Showcase Your Landscaping

Outdoor Kitchens:

There’s no point of installing an outdoor kitchen if you can’t throw some pork steaks on the grill after sundown. We recommend installing lanterns or task lighting on your outdoor kitchen to keep your backyard looking well-designed.

Water Features:

You don’t just want to enjoy your gorgeous pond or fountain only during the day…right? Create a different kind of lighting that reflects off the water. This adds ambience that you can’t get with any other lighting.


Adding lighting around the perimeter of your yard will make it easier to spot unwelcome visitors – human and animal – before they enter your yard.

Retaining walls:

One of the benefits to living in Colorado is that at night the sky becomes a canvas of stars. Adding landscape lighting in your retaining walls keeps the light low enough that it doesn’t impact the stunning views, but it does add increased safety by illuminating paths.

Let All Terrain Landscaping give you the option to go beyond that light bulb at the doorway. We’ll help rediscover the perimeter of your property and make it fun to entertain under the stars at night. Call 970-304-1183

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