Chestnuts are roasting: Outdoor, heated accessories to keep your backyard warm

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If the weather outside is frightful, your outdoor patio or backyard can still be delightful. Outdoor heaters, fire places and heated fans are outdoor landscape accessories that are serious Colorado weather game changers.

Heated Ceiling Fans + Heaters

ceiling heaters

Our favorite kind of heated outdoor fans are the ceiling type. With an extended roof covering your patio, deck, or a separate outdoor structure built by the All Terrain team, outdoor fans emit an umbrella wave of heat from above. These fans are generally electrically powered and are more ideal for smaller spaces, but can still take the chill off.

Backyard Fire Pits

We can pretty much guarantee that a new fire pit would be a crowd pleaser. Fire pits are usually gas powered, raised structures that are customizable to match the existing personality and design of your landscape. You can pick everything from the stone color, fire rock color, and size. Unless it’s a true wood burner, they’re not the best for roasting marshmallows, but are still ideal for entertaining large groups.

Mobile, Standing Heater

Standing heaters are the most mobile form of an outdoor heater, which can be great for being practical, but less of a design feature. Propane powered, the standing heaters can last up to 10 hours on a tank of gas. Depending on where you’re entertaining guests, you can relocate these heaters for ideal use.

Outdoor Fire Place

Different than a fire pit, a fire place is more of an enclosed feature that helps direct the smoke from real firewood up and out. With a fire place, you can experience the true snap, crackle, and pop that you don’t with a gas-powered fire pit. Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to properly and safely install outdoor fireplaces.

While most outdoor, heated accessories have safety features built in, please do not leave them on overnight. For more info on how All Terrain Landscaping can help with heated decisions, get in touch.

Better yet- have All Terrain install a more permanent heat source with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Click here for some of our latest work.

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