5 Ideas to Jazz Up Your Outdoor Space with Lights

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A landscape with no lighting is like a Christmas tree with no decorations – nice and all but missing some serious bling. If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your external living space and add the “WOW factor,” check out these outdoor lighting ideas to incorporate into your landscape:

Start with Practicality

If you’re not sure where to begin your illumination journey, start with practical places that improve safety around your home. Lighting up entryways with a bulb here or there, and placing small light posts in dark areas of your yard adds a touch of brightness without going overboard.

Line the Paths

Does your yard include a garden path or stepping stone trail from the front yard to the backyard? These paths are an excellent opportunity to incorporate lighting features. Not only are they glitzy, but now evening wanderers can have a nicely lit walking space.

How to Incorporate Outdoor Lighting into Your Landscape

Light Up Your Trees

Who says that tree lighting is just for the holidays? Dress up your trees and shrubs with tasteful lighting decorations. These embellishments will make your landscaping stand out long after the sun goes down.

Go Crazy with Water Features

Ready to jump into this whole outdoor lighting game full speed? We like your style. Turn your backyard into an illuminated wonderland with lighted water features, such as fountains, ponds, creeks, waterfalls – you name it.

Illuminate Pergolas and Decks

Last but not least, don’t forget about pergolas and decks. Considering this is where the majority of your outdoor night time gatherings will take place, they offer the perfect opportunity for adding a string or two of lights. Plus, lining the roof of your pergola will ensure that every night is a starry night.

Now that we have your juices jogging, give All Terrain a call when you’re ready to take the outdoor lighting plunge. We use energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting and take care of all the installation hassle. Contact us at (970) 304-1183 to get started today.

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