Prep Your Landscaping For Spring in 6 Easy Steps

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Winter is on its way out the door and now is the perfect time to get reacquainted with the yard you’ve abandoned for the past four months. Slap on the work gloves and grab a rake because it’s time to revamp your yard into the neighborhood’s best landscape! Here are a few ways you can prepare for the season:

  1. Fertilize and aerate.

Spring is one of the prime times to fertilize your lawn. Be careful not to go overboard – too much nitrogen can cause serious damage. While you’re at it, aerating your lawn allows water, air and nutrients to seep through, thus creating healthier grass.

  1. Snip and prune.

Now would be a great time to trim up perennials, shrubs and hedges. Most of your perennials can be clipped right down to the base (of course, this varies, so you may want to do a little research first). Then check your shrubs and hedges for any diseased or dead branches and snip away.

  1. Rake your beds.

Kind of like your actual bed, your gardening beds can collect some pretty funky items if they don’t get cleaned out for a while. Rake the soil for dead leaves, twigs and anything else that doesn’t belong so they’re all set for new planting.

  1. Mulch it up.

If you don’t already have some existing mulch surrounding your trees and shrubs, go out and get some to boost your landscape appeal. If you do already have mulch leftover from last year, we’re sending you a virtual high-five, but you still may want to top it off with an inch or two of some fresh stuff.

  1. Bring new life into the world.

Once you’re finished with the cleanup work, get a shovel and get to work. Now is the perfect season for planting your perennials, trees and anything else that provides a little extra beauty and oxygen.

  1. Take advantage of All Terrain’s sweet deal.

We saved the best for last. If you really want to be the master of prepping your landscape for spring, book your landscaping appointment with us before March 20 to receive a 10% off discount! Give us a call today at 970-304-1183!

Clearly, we’re excited – we’ll try to regain control by the time we chat about your 2016 landscaping hopes and dreams. Until then, happy spring and happy landscaping.

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