Snow Removal Items Everyone Should Have

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We get it – no one actually enjoys slapping on the parka and braving the elements to shovel the driveway. But if you are interested in leaving your home at some point after the latest snowfall, we recommend having these snow removal items on hand to make your job a little easier:

Ergonomic Snow Shovel and Cooking Spray

“Ergonomic” is basically a fancy way of saying “will not make your back scream in pain.” The ones with the crook in the handle are specially designed to make shoveling easier on your back, and who wouldn’t want that? Plus, if you spray your shovel with cooking oil, the snow is less likely to stick.

Sand and Salt, Plus a Spreader

It’s not the snow that’ll land you in a pile of soreness on the concrete; it’s that pesky layer of ice underneath that a shovel just can’t remove. Eliminate the culprit with sand, salt and anything else promising to melt ice (don’t forget to look for the pet safe kind!). Distribute it evenly with a salt and sand spreader.

Push Broom

Using a metal shovel on a wooden porch can hack up the wood, so don’t forget to keep a push broom handy. Any local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot should have a few to choose from.

Super-Wide Snow Shovel

The wider, the better, but it also has to be quality so it doesn’t just snap in half. Cover more surface area in less time with a wide (36″) snow shovel!

Snow Blower

Now we know this one is starting to get on the expensive side, but if you’ve just had it with back-breaking winters, it may be an investment worth making. Better yet, find a generous neighbor who will loan theirs to you for the afternoon.

And remember, All Terrain is here to help with commercial snow removal so you don’t have to put up with the labor pains (not to mention the nasty fines that come with not clearing your sidewalk). Give us a call at 970-304-1183 before the next snow storm hits.

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