5 Winter Activities in Northern Colorado

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Are you the type of guy or gal who puts up with about three subzero temperature days before yearning for summer? We get it, it’s tough, but here is the good news: Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley have the market cornered on making the most of the cold weather. Here is our ultimate guide to surviving winter in northern Colorado:

1. Ice Skating at Foothills Mall

What’s better than shopping, seeing a movie and then ice skating? Not much. The Pond at Foothills Mall in Fort Collins opened just a couple months ago and has since proved to be the hottest – or rather “coolest” – new place for tearing up the ice. Not to mention, All Terrain was involved in putting this ice rink together!

2. Loveland Fire & Ice Festival

Speaking of ice, the Loveland Fire & Ice Festival is one of the most spectacular winter events in northern Colorado. During Feb. 10-12, 2017 downtown Loveland is full of live entertainment, ice sculpting demonstrations, plenty of food trucks and more.

3. Greeley’s Winter Farmer’s Market

Freshly produced food is just for summer, you say? Not anymore! The Greeley Winter Farmer’s Market offers a variety of locally grown produce, meats, baked goods, honey, cheese and more. Whether you’re a vendor or consumer, the delicious finds are sure to get you through the winter. The market is open on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 9 a.m.-noon at Zoe’s, 715 10th St. in Greeley.

4. Sledding 

It doesn’t matter if you’re seven or 47, sledding is definitely one of the best parts about winter.No need to worry if you don’t have access to a good slope in your neighborhood – there are plenty of northern Colorado hotspots to slide down, including Pineridge Natural Area, UNC and more.

5. Drinks at Human Bean

If you plan on engaging in any of the items listed above, visiting The Human Bean before or after is a must. With eight locations in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, these guys have delicious warm drinks down to a science. Plus their Guest Barista program has given a boatload of donations to northern Colorado nonprofits, which we admire greatly.

Hang in there, we’ll be back up to 75 degrees in just a few short months. In the meantime, sit back, relax and survive winter in northern Colorado.

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