5 Ways to Show Your Yard Some Love

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Admit it – you kind of treat your lawn like a Valentine. You buy it flowers, you feed it to keep it happy, and you like showing it off to your friends. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day All Terrain-style, we’d like to share a few more ways you can show your yard some love throughout the year.

  1. Dress it up.

Nothing lets your lawn know you care better than a few flowers to brighten the landscape. Go wild this year and plant a full garden along with a few shrubs to add a splash of color. Not sure which spring plants hold up best? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Keep up on maintenance.

Yes, life gets busy and July gets hot, but that’s no excuse for letting your lawn go to the dogs. Keep up with a consistent mowing and watering schedule this year (not too short!) so it stays green and pristine throughout the entire summer. Don’t forget to take care of the weeds (link to https://atpslandscaping.com/wp/how-to-get-rid-of-weeds-for-good/) while you’re at it!

  1. Plant more trees.

Trees provide shade for your lawn, oxygen for you, a treehouse for your kids, we could go on. Spruce up your landscape with a few of these low maintenance trees that work well in Colorado.

  1. Don’t let it go hungry.

As we mentioned, please, please, PLEASE water your lawn before it dies of thirst. But it’s also important to feed it with fertilizer to keep it lush and healthy. Refer to our foolproof fertilization guide so you know all the best times to fertilize.

  1. Watch out for malfunctions.

Sometimes all your lawn wants is a little attention. Stay in tuned to how your lawn normally functions so you can recognize a problem as soon as it occurs. Some things to watch out for are sprinkler issues, Ascochyta leaf blight and dead grass spots.

It may be covered in snow right now, but once the spring sun comes out, remind your lawn how special it is and show it the love it deserves.

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