6 Tasks to Prepare Your Yard and Landscape for Winter

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We may be basking in the bliss of a Colorado fall right now, but don’t be fooled, folks – winter is lurking just around the corner. While you and I may prep for winter by loading up on canned soup and surfing through Netflix, your yard is a bit more complex. You’ve worked so hard to keep it happy and pretty throughout the summer, so please don’t abandon it now. Here are just a few ways to get your yard and landscape ready for winter:

  1. Keep on Mowing

Just when you thought your lawn mower could go into hibernation, you’re not quite done. Continue mowing the lawn until it gets too chilly out, and it’s best to mow a quarter to half an inch shorter than you normally would on the last mow. Not only does this keep it healthy, but it also makes raking leaves easier.

  1. Fertilize One Last Time

As we’ve recommended in the past, fall is the perfect time to fertilize. Fertilizing your lawn in October or November increases its turf quality and allows for healthy rooting. Before doing so, make sure the grass is damp from rainfall or irrigation, and give it about half an inch of water immediately after fertilizing.

  1. Blow Out Sprinklers Before the First Freeze

You know by now how firmly we believe that all sprinklers need to be blown out or winterized before the cold hits. We’re not kidding when we say that slacking off in the sprinkler department is only going to cost you big headaches and bigger bucks the following year. Not blowing out your sprinkler leads to bursting pipes and internal system damage. It’s best to dial in the pros too so that it can be done safely and with high quality equipment.

  1. Prune, Trim and Rake

Now is the time to give all shrubs, bushes and trees a nice clean haircut. Cut back the branches on overgrown deciduous trees while they’re dormant, and snip loose twigs on all other plant structures. Not only will they look great, but this is also very important for preventing certain diseases.

  1. Bring in or Cover Items

We hate to say it, but if you leave a hose hooked up and lying around throughout winter, you may just deserve a flick to the forehead. Please, for the love of Pete, store your hose in the garage or shed, along with children’s toys and any other items in your yard. If you don’t have room to store patio furniture or a grill in your garage or shed, cover them with waterproof tarps held together with bungee cords.

  1. Perennial Maintenance

Don’t forget about your landscape’s flowers! Fall is the perfect time to get rid of weeds in your flower bed. It’s also a good idea to snip the stems of dead flowers down to about two inches and cover them with mulch or pine needles to protect them from really frigid temperatures.

Have any questions about winterizing your landscape? Need a helping hand (or sprinkler blow out!) from the guys and gals at All Terrain? Give us a call at 970-304-1183.

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