How to Care for Your Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen adds not only visual appeal to your space but square footage to the functional living space of your home as well! Whether you’re looking to give your outdoor kitchen some love or preparing to build a new Boulder outdoor kitchen, here are four tips to guide you on the proper care of your outdoor kitchen.

#1 Stainless-Steel Outdoor Kitchens

By far the most popular material used for building outdoor kitchens in Boulder, stainless steel, is a very durable material that is resistant to rust and corrosion. That said, it is not indestructible. To keep your stainless-steel items looking shiny, here are some basic guidelines:

  1. Clean any stainless-steel surfaces, including shelves, sinks, refrigerators, and so on, regularly.
  2. When cleaning any stainless-steel surfaces, use soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Never cut directly on a stainless-steel surface, instead, use a cutting board or chopping block.
  4. The use of specialized polishes, applied with a soft cloth “along the grain” of any visible polishing lines, allows for the seamless removal of fingerprints and smudges.
  5. Finally, for extra care, you can opt for a heavy finishing coat on your stainless-steel item, which will promote long-term rust resistance and ease of future maintenance.

#2 Appliances For Outdoor Kitchens

As with any indoor kitchen, the outdoor cooktop or grill will often be the focal point of your outdoor kitchen as well as the most used piece. As such, it is important to take proper care of it. In general, you should wait until the grill is cool to clean it. Begin by scraping any residue off the grate with a wire brush, then go over it with a soapy cloth, rinse, and let it dry. Now that the grate is clean, be sure to check any burners, valves, etc. for leaks or discrepancies. If you have a gas grill, use a stiff brush to periodically clean the grease from the burners.

#3 Countertops For Outdoor Kitchens

Making sure you have clean eating and prepping surfaces is also an important aspect of caring for your outdoor kitchen. The cleaning tools used for outdoor surfaces will depend on what material the surfaces are made of. Granite and stone countertops are porous and will stain easily. To prevent this, wipe up any spills with soapy water as quickly as possible. Surfaces composed of most other materials can be cleaned with mild all-purpose cleaners. In addition to regularly cleaning your outdoor surfaces, you may consider adding some form of the roof structure to your outdoor kitchen. This addition would not only provide shade and temperature control, it would also help provide your surfaces with another layer of year-round protection from the elements.

#4 Outdoor Furniture

As with your countertops, the maintenance of your outdoor furniture largely depends on what materials they are made of. Any fabric components, vinyl, or mesh can be cleaned with mild all-purpose cleaners. Try to clean up any spills as quickly as possible to prevent staining or damage to the internal layers of cushions. Most outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements; some more than others, so be mindful of the materials you choose when designing your outdoor space. You may also consider, when designing your cabinet space, to include a section to store the cushions when not in use. This will help ensure your cushions last for years by keeping them out of the elements when not in use.

Whether you’re looking to build a new outdoor kitchen in Boulder, add to an existing one, or upgrade your landscaping to maximize ROI and curb appeal, our capable team is standing by to walk you through your questions and make that dream a reality. Give the All-Terrain Landscaping team a call at 970-304-1183 to talk more.

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