Top 5 Landscaping Upgrades that Give You the Most ROI

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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer who’s ready to leave the rental life behind, or a seasoned homeowner who’s looking to upgrade to the next level, we can all agree that the northern Colorado and Denver area real estate market is booming. If you’re interested in selling or just increasing the value of your property as a whole, we recommend exploring your options for upgrading your outdoor living space.

Which landscaping upgrades see the most ROI? Recent studies have shown that new landscaping translate to an ROI of 100 percent – coming in just ahead of kitchen remodels.  

1. Give a Good First Impression with Added Curb Appeal

Whether you’re meeting your girlfriend’s grandma or straightening your tie for that job interview, we always hear that “first impressions are everything.” The same goes for your home or business. A fresh, clean appearance instantly makes your property appear more valuable. Boost curb appeal with updates, such as hanging flowers or updated light fixtures. Get more ideas on curb appeal boosters.

2. Light It Up with an Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits have countless benefits – aesthetic appeal, cozy gathering spot, marshmallow roasting opportunities, the list goes on. Among these several advantages is the value it adds to your outdoor living space. The best part is that this upgrade can be installed in landscapes of all shapes and sizes.

3. Install a Backyard Patio, Pergola or Deck

Give your landscape a crisp, clean, professional vibe with a deck or patio. Our numerous hardwood deck options can match the aesthetics of any landscape. Likewise, our patio paver choices range in materials, colors, etc. to give your property a boost in value. We have a few pergola and deck ideas if you need to jog your juices.

4. Bring the Inside Out with an Outdoor Kitchen or Living Space

Outdoor entertaining is taking the lead in Colorado landscaping trends. When we hit those 75 degree evenings, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to do their cooking, dining and leisure living in their backyard. Give prospective homebuyers something to wow over with a custom outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space.

5. Freshen It Up with Foliage and Flower Pots

Greenery not only increases the aesthetic value, but also improves air quality, adds privacy and can create shade. Shrub, bushes and garden beds add extra flair to your outdoor living space and up the overall value of your landscape – but make sure they’re well maintained, overgrown bushes are almost worse than none at all…

If home selling is in your future, now is the perfect time to start thinking about which landscaping upgrades to make. Call our team at (970) 304-1183 to begin the process.

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