7 Pergola and Deck Ideas for Small Backyards

7 Pergola and Deck Ideas for Small Backyards

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Whether you’re upgrading the landscaping of your home, adding value to your backyard, or creating an outdoor living space, we have an excellent idea: Pergolas and decks. Installing a pergola or adding flair to your deck has countless advantages, including increased property value, space for shade, and more privacy. And the best part is that you don’t need to live on a huge hunk of land to install a pergola or custom deck – these features work with even small backyards.

Here are just a few pergola and deck ideas to jog your juices:

1. Pergola as a Fire Pit Haven

Picture a cedar pergola and fire pit in your backyard in Windsor. By installing a custom fire pit and pergola on your patio, you can transform your outdoor living space into a private haven for entertaining or just soaking in the sunset. Our cedar pergolas are aromatic and less expensive than hardwoods and composites and have a modern finish that is moisture resistant.

2. Every Night is a Starry Night Pergola

While northern Colorado certainly has its fair share of clear summer nights, it doesn’t hurt to be extra sure that all evenings are bright and glowing. String outdoor lights along the rim or through the rafters of your pergola to add that backyard wow factor. Plus, the wood options are endless. A great choice is the Douglas Fir, which has a long and slightly wavy grain pattern and is moderately priced.

3. Professional Hardwood Deck Installers

Not feeling the stone paver or brick patio look? No problem, we install custom hardwood decks. Our real wood, hardwood or composite decks provide a clean, crisp atmosphere for your backyard. We’re big fans of many options, so if your deck could use an upgrade, consider the following:

  • Real wood: Cedar and Redwood
  • Limited maintenance hardwoods: Mangaris, Cumaru, Brazilian Redwood, Tigerwood, Ipe
  • Composite decking: Timbertech, Evergrain, Azek

4. Elevated Elegance Pergola

Step up your pergola to the next level – elevate your awning on stone pillars. This type of pergola design adds extra magnificence and value to your yard. Friendly reminder – if you’re a busy guy or gal who doesn’t have time for much maintenance, our vinyl pergola option might be just what you need. It requires no maintenance, comes in a white or almond shade and is lightweight.

5. Twin Pergolas

Why go with only one pergola for your Loveland landscaping when you could install two instead? Double the pergolas, double the landscape design possibilities. Plus, this design can work great over gardens, pavers or other landscape features.

6. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

Outdoor kitchens are a hot new trend in modern landscaping, especially in Colorado. Stay shaded while cooking and improve your lighting during evening dining with a pergola overhang. Talk to our pros about which type of wood will work best with your northern Colorado outdoor living space.

7. Spotlight Pergola

Lights, camera, action…Pergola! Installing a professional lighting system within your pergola or deck expands your design possibilities tremendously. Whatever is happening on your patio is automatically illuminated with a pergola lighting system.

Ready to talk about a new pergola and deck for the summer? Contact our team of professional deck and pergola installers today at 970-304-1183.

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